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product spotlight: the successful studio’s workflow assistant

Successful Studio's Workflow Assistant Photoshop Templates For Photographers 1 Successful Studio's Workflow Assistant Photoshop Templates For Photographers 2 Successful Studio's Workflow Assistant Photoshop Templates For Photographers 3 Successful Studio's Workflow Assistant Photoshop Templates For Photographers 4 Successful Studio's Workflow Assistant Photoshop Templates For Photographers 5 Successful Studio's Workflow Assistant Photoshop Templates For Photographers 6 Successful Studio's Workflow Assistant Photoshop Templates For Photographers 7 essential_studio_workflow_100512_9

With a fresh new color palette and minor design tweaks, the Successful Studio’s Workflow Assistant is ready to help you get some of your life back by streamlining your business tasks and workflow.

Do you ever have days where your mantra goes “I could really use an assistant…”? Do you frequently find yourself relying on sticky notes to recall important client info and product details? You need an organization intervention – and you can find all the tools to do just that (and more!) in the Essential Workflow Studio Assistant template for photographers. We named this guide the Studio Assistant because it’s designed to help you with virtually every aspect of studio life, from organizing your client lists to organizing your entire production system. Distinguish your workspace by keeping orderly schedules and by designating places for things and processes. This whiteboard template helps you create the ultimately organized workspace with photographer-specific best practices workflow system, session checklists and more, serving as a complete photographer’s guide to studio organization. And, everything is fully editable and can be customized to your own specifications.

Essential Workflow Studio Assistant Specs:
• 24×30 Studio whiteboard template
• Organization worksheets and checklists
• Computer desktop organizer
• Sample client correspondence emails for success

Click here to see it in the shop!

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the design aglow posing guide for wedding photography is available now!

wedding-posing-book-1 wedding-posing-book-2 wedding-posing-book-3 wedding-posing-book-4 wedding-posing-book-5 wedding-posing-book-6 wedding-posing-book-7 wedding-posing-book-8

If you’re one of the readers who preordered a copy of the the Design Aglow Posing Guide for Wedding Photography (thank you thank you thank you!), then your book ships today: high five yourself for being awesome. If you’re just arriving to the party, then you still have a chance to purchase the book with Amazon’s special pricing.

Following the same format as our bestselling Design Aglow Posing Guide for Portrait Photography, each exquisite portrait is accompanied by concrete tips from the best photographers in the business, including Elizabeth Messina, KT Merry, bobbi+mike, Jessica Lorren, Milou + Olin, Paul Johnson, Lisa Lefkowitz, Anna Kuperberg and more. Pick up the book for instant inspiration: 100 modern posing ideas mean that there’s a revelation for everyone inside.

And with Christmas just a week away, there’s still enough time to buy a copy as a holiday present for yourself or a photographer friend!

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the design aglow posing guide for wedding photography is almost here!

wedding-posing-book-1 wedding-posing-book-2 wedding-posing-book-8

After this summer’s smash success of our Posing Guide for Portrait Photography, we’re ready to give wedding photographers their turn: the Design Aglow Posing Guide for Wedding Photography will be published on December 17–purchase your copy NOW for 25% off the list price! Each page illustrates a fresh take on classic wedding posing techniques, accompanied by tips from the best in the business, like Elizabeth Messina, KT Merry, bobbi+mike, Jessica Lorren, Milou + Olin, Paul Johnson, Lisa Lefkowitz, Anna Kuperberg and more. Packed with exquisite portraiture, the guide’s 100 fresh ideas will stock your posing toolbox for 2014.

Add the Posing Guide to your own holiday wishlist, or buy the Posing Guide for Wedding Photography for the coffee table of someone you love!

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keeping your creative work safe with copyright


Imagine this scenario:

You capture a wedding image of a beaming bride and groom, backlit in a glowing field. The couple is (of course) thrilled; once they receive a USB of images (after carefully educating them about your copyright), the couple proceeds to post them all over the internet, as many happy couples do. The images appear on their personal and business Facebook pages, Twitter, Flickr, message boards, and the bride’s personal blog.

And then one day, in an internet place far removed from its original source, you stumble upon your gorgeous (and still copyrighted) image being used to sell a product or service online. The image source isn’t credited–of course, because internet thieves don’t credit image sources–and your stomach sours when you realize that the copyright infringer is making money from your picture. Making money from your sweat and talent and expertise.

This is theft of your intellectual property–and unless you’ve protected your images’ copyright, it’s hard to do much about it.

To be completely and honestly doomsday about it, this scenario happens every day. Instead of promoting their goods and services by commissioning images exclusively or sourcing them from stock photography agencies, unscrupulous internet dwellers are just stealing them from other websites.

Don’t be this photographer; protect your rights against internet image shoplifting by registering your photography with the US Copyright Office (or your own country’s copyright agency). The process is relatively simple; we recommend registering your work every 3 months, and incorporating the steps for registry into your image workflow.

Once you copyright your images, you become eligible for statutory and actual damages, should your images’ copyright be infringed. For how to’s, helpful hints, and best practices on the process of copyright, our newly redesigned Copyright and Authentication Bundle will ensure that your livelihood is fully protected. And the Bundle’s printable Certificate of Authenticity and Copyright sticker opens up a dialogue between you and your clients, on what copyright means for them and how they can help you preserve your copyright online.

Above all, remember that the keys to your copyright kingdom are in your hands. You can’t control if your images are stolen online, but you can control the ramifications when they are.

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design aglow’s best boudoir practices


Boudoir sessions, despite the Frenchified name and primarily female clientele, are quite similar to other any other type of portrait photography: they’re all about managing expectations and ensuring a certain level of comfortability. Knowing that your clients need to be educated and soothed and made to feel gorgeous, just the same as any other type of session–family, engagement, or bridal–takes the intimidation factor out of photographing boudoir. Your clients have the same desires and fears–only with less clothes on.

Here are Design Aglow’s best practices for a successful boudoir session, for both photographer and client:


Arm your clients with information. A pre-session consultation is a must for boudoir photography. Not only will you begin to establish that crucial rapport (instead of meeting cold at the hotel door), but you can collaborate on a vision, discuss levels of sexiness and exposure, and discern what her most–and least–favorite parts of her body are. An elegantly printed folder that your client can take away from the meeting with your suggestions on “what to expect” and “how to prepare” will help your clients feel in control. Knowledge is power, especially in a situation like boudoir, where your clients are making themselves vulnerable.

Map out your beauty plan. We recommend offering hair and makeup services on location; while you need to factor this expense into your overall costs, it pays dividends in terms of confidence level and the overall pampering experience. If your client will take care of her own primping, make sure you include helpful hair and makeup tips.

Make a list and check it twice. See “Arm your clients with information,” above. We know that lists aren’t necessarily sexy, but they are extraordinarily helpful. Consider providing checklists for tasks that can be completed up to a month before a client’s session (i.e., aesthetician appointments, teeth whitening), as well as day-of considerations (waxing, double-checking garments for tags or tears). Design Aglow already arranged these for you, in the form of beautiful, easy-to-use templates included in our Boudoir Welcome Packet.


Pump it up. Or keep it muted: your client’s personality rules the day. She may have brought a playlist of upbeat tunes, or she may be more into some atmospheric music. She may want half a bottle of champagne before you get started, or she may just be fine with a bottle of water. Let her direct the mood of the shoot, and remember that not every girl wants to swing from the chandeliers.

Stay inside the comfort zone. While you may have discussed posing during your pre-session consult (and included additional info in your welcome packet), looking seductive on an actual bed, wearing actual lingerie, could prove challenging. Be ready to physically illustrate your poses, while at the same time gauging the comfort level of your client. She may be more sensual than sexual, or not want to show certain parts of her physique. As the expert, It’s your job to guide your client into positions that bring out the best in her, which often involves more observation and listening on your part than actual posing.

We hope these suggestions guide you toward a session that is successful for both you and your client. Ultimately, every boudoir shoot will have its own rhythm; while you will have to work to establish the tempo with each client, we think that you will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

This article originally appeared in Lemonade & Lenses magazine.

Want to boost your boudoir brand? Check out our Boudoir Welcome Packet and the coordinating Glow blog template from ProPhoto.

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document your year with custom moleskine photo books

moleskine_082913_01 moleskine_082913_03 moleskine_082913_04 moleskine_082913_05b moleskine_082913_08 moleskine_082913_10 moleskine_082913_11 moleskine_082913_12 moleskine_082913_15

Not into scrapbooking? We understand; arranging your life into albums and decorating it with stickers, cutouts, and fancy paper can be…complicated.

Which is why Project Life 365™, home of our photo-a-day challenge, has teamed up with Moleskine, purveyors of the most fantastic notebooks and journals (seriously…we use them religiously at Design Aglow headquarters) to offer print-on-demand photo albums, a modern solution for collecting and displaying the images you’ve taken throughout the year.

Available in either 48 or 92 pages, each custom book is 8×8” (20.3×20.3cm) square and features a collage of your chosen images on the cover.  In Moleskine’s signature style, your book will be printed on ivory paper with open-flat binding, with classic rounded corners, elastic closure, and an expandable pocket to capture trinkets or loose photos. The autofill tool and pre-designed layouts mean that your book can be made instantly using Moleskine’s unique Instagram upload tool.

Ready to make your own Moleskine album? Order by December 17th for Christmas delivery within the US!

The details:
Moleskine is offering 10% off on the signature Project Life 365 books (automatically applied, no coupon necessary). Starting from 48 pages and US$54.90 plus shipping.
Project Life 365 Moleskine Photo Book, 48 pages: US$54.90
Project Life 365 Moleskine Photo Book, 72 pages: US$71.10
Project Life 365 Moleskine Photo Book, 92 pages: US$84.60
Expandable to 120 pages, shipping and additional pages charged at checkout.

To create your very own book:
1. Click here to visit the Moleskine books page.
2. Scroll down, and the Project Life 365™ book is the last icon on the second row.
3. Click on “CREATE BOOK”
4. You will have the choice between a 48, 72, and 92 page book. Select the size you would like to create, and upload away!

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