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clean and simple packaging for your photography studio

packaging-design-aglow-camomint-photography-077514-1 packaging-design-aglow-camomint-photography-077514-2 packaging-design-aglow-camomint-photography-077514-3 packaging-design-aglow-camomint-photography-077514-4

Today Maria of Camomint Photography shares her recent packaging success, “For my packaging I was looking for clean and simple design, just as templates that Design Aglow offers. I always felt a bit sad looking at the packaging photos Design Aglow provided, understanding that once I get a template I will have a headache of where and how to print it. So when Design Aglow offered a Packaging Starter Kit, I knew I had to get one.

This is my first attempt to use Design Aglow packaging. At first I was going to use only a small welcome folder, since it has these nice little compartments on the sides. I put a Thank you note in one of them, and referral cards in another. Prints fit wonderfully in the middle. After I got the folder set up, I’ve realized, that it perfectly fits into 8″x10″ charcoal print box and looks much more worthwhile.

I like that the welcome folder has two small pockets, in which a Thank you note and referral cards fit nicely. I really didn’t want them to be lost among the prints. I like that the client has to open it, and take some time to see, what’s inside, check all the pockets and enjoy getting all the small gifts out.

I like the print box, because it’s not too thick. It is perfect for prints or a welcome folder wrapped in tissue paper.

I like the variety of boxes Design Aglow offers. They are good quality, clean and simple. Various thickness and sizes allow you to choose the perfect option! And since there is logo embossing offered, well, this is my number one packaging choice! It is not so easy to find the perfect packaging. I’m so happy that there is someone out there creating just exactly what I’m wishing for! Thank you!

Thanks for sharing, Maria! We love your approach and are so happy for your success. Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

Have you created something awesome with Design Aglow products? Feel free to send us images here. If we feature it on the blog you’ll get a $75 shopping spree at Design Aglow!

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models and comp cards: your guide to getting started

models-comp-cards-061814-01 models-comp-cards-061814-02 models-comp-cards-061814-03 models-comp-cards-061814-05 models-comp-cards-061814-06 models-comp-cards-061814-07 models-comp-cards-061814-08 models-comp-cards-061814-09 models-comp-cards-061814-11 models-comp-cards-061814-12 models-comp-cards-061814-14 models-comp-cards-061814-15

Have you been asked to shoot models and comp cards but aren’t sure where to begin? With our Models & Comp Cards kit, you’ll learn everything you need to expand your studio offerings and your portfolio too!

Learn from the industry’s hottest photographers about setting up shop, choosing lighting, wardrobe and locations, and help your clients grab their next ‘big break.’

Best of all, this comprehensive guide comes complete with bonus branded delivery packaging, including templates for head shot and comp cards, marketing reminder and informational session cards and DVD labels you can customize in a snap.

This all-inclusive beginner’s kit is loaded with everything you need to hit the ground running in this exciting branch of business. Click here to get started today!

Special thanks to Jordan Matter PhotographyHeidi Peters Photography, Jen Wright Photography, Bjoern Photography, Robyn Skwarczek and Cheryl Muhr Photography for the lovely images in our samples.

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fresh & sophisticated branding: meet the design aglow logo shop

logo-shop-storefront-031214-1 logo-shop-storefront-031214-2logo-shop-033114-5logo-shop-storefront-031214-5logo-shop-033114-6logo-shop-033114-1logo-shop-033114-7texture-collections-053014

We fully endorse paying top dollar for a top designer — however, if you desperately need a fresh update for your brand but can’t shell out the dough right now, it’s okay… we’re here for you.

Meet the Logo Shop.

Design Aglow’s Logo Shop is a gorgeous collection of limited edition, fully editable vector logos and textures created for the talented photographer who wants sophisticated branding without a hefty price tag. Our logos were all professionally crafted by our in-house designers, specifically created to save you time and money while revamping your look. This isn’t a cheap marketing solution that looks like everything else out there; this is professionally designed branding. Looking for a little business spring cleaning? A logo refresh might be just what the doctor ordered.


25 ways to build a local following

Today we have a guest post from Bryan Caporicci of Sprouting Photographer.

We’ve all heard the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail” and we know it’s truth, yet so many photographers still run their businesses day-to-day without putting much time and effort into creating a plan. In the busyness of shooting, editing, having meetings, writing emails and making phone calls, we need to set aside time to work on our business instead of just working in our business.

We often think of running a marketing campaign in the “off” season to get more business when things are slow, but by then it’s too late; the time to run the campaign was two months ago so that your phone is ringing now. Simply put, you need to market in the “on” season so that it generates interest in your “off” season. The key is to be intentional and premeditated with your marketing plan so that you can be hitting the right market at the right time in a consistent manner.

I suggest taking some time this week to look at a month-by-month calendar for the next 12 months and put together a marketing calendar. If you need help with this, Design Aglow has a great Marketing & PR Guide & Calendar.

Here are the three steps I recommend for designing your marketing calendar:

  1. Brainstorm all of the promotions, programs and campaigns you want to run. Write these down on a blank piece of paper without any dates associated to them yet. For each idea, define its purpose, theme and call to action. Narrow this list down to your best 6-8 ideas that you’ll run over the next 12 months.
  2. Schedule those 6-8 ideas in your calendar. When do you want to run these programs/promotions? Do you want to tie them to specific dates or holidays? How long will they run?
  3. Plan out the timeline for each program. Work backwards and set out dates one month prior, which is when you will announce and start the promotion. Also mark a date two months prior, which is when you’ll want to start planning the program, designing material for it and putting the details together.

The Internet has been great for spreading ideas and reaching an audience, and I would certainly recommend incorporating an online component to the promotion of your campaigns (Facebook ads, Twitter, e-newsletters, etc). Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater though… it’s important to consider a strong offline component to your marketing initiatives as well.

Here are 25 ways you can gain local awareness and recognition. Each idea could be strategically tied to a specific campaign or be used independently to build your brand locally:


Creating a well-rounded marketing plan should incorporate 4 key components: variety in concepts, diversity in promotions, consistency in presentation and repetition in visibility. The ultimate testament to a successful local marketing plan is when prospects are calling you and saying that they “see you everywhere”.


bryan-caporicci-headshot-200pxBryan is an award winning portrait photographer based out of Fonthill, Canada. He is a Fuji X-Photographer and is one of the youngest photographers to receive his CPA. He runs a popular educational website for photographers called Sprouting Photographer

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product spotlight: modern minimalist™ studio newsletters

modern-minimalist-newsletters-020314-01 modern-minimalist-newsletters-020314-05 modern-minimalist-newsletters-020314-13 modern-minimalist-newsletters-020314-12 modern-minimalist-newsletters-020314-08 modern-minimalist-newsletters-020314-07 modern-minimalist-newsletters-020314-02

Keeping in touch with clients is a fundamental way to market your studio, style, and unique services. The Modern Minimalist™ Newsletter Collection is simple and beautifully designed to represent you in the best possible light. Even during the busiest seasons you’ll have professional materials ready to send to clients old and new, without having to contribute any additional design work!

Use the Modern Minimalist™ Newsletters to:

• Develop and strengthen client-studio relationships
• Encourage immediate action
• Promote your studio image and build a strong reputation at the top of your market

Each of the four seasonal newsletters is stacked with graphic and written newsletter content, designed for accordion printing or cost-free online delivery. Deliver the pre-designed layouts and articles as is, or use them as an inspirational guide to integrate your own custom content. Introduce new products or packages, feature recent clients, venues or vendors, or simply market your own work in a striking visual format.

Inside the Studio Newsletters guide you’ll find:
• A comprehensive instruction tutorial designed for photography professionals
• An annual pack of exciting templates (four seasonal issues: winter, spring, summer, and fall)
• Professionally written text
• Stunning designer graphics and palettes
• User-friendly layouts with reserved space for your studio logo and other graphics

Special thanks to Alissa Saylor Photography, Laura Murray Photography and Red, White & Green Photography for the lovely images in our samples!

Click here to get your Modern Minimalist™ Studio Newsletters!


modern minimalist studio branding

minimalist-wedding-welcome-packet-051014-1bminimalist-wedding-welcome-packet-051014-2 minimalist-wedding-welcome-packet-051014-3

Are you looking for a way to help your modern wedding brand with original marketing content and templates? The Wedding Welcome Packet: Modern Minimalist Edition is just what you’ve been searching for! It not only guides clients through every step of the process, but its’ clean lines, modern typography, and open spaces give the images room to breathe, and evoke a feeling of bold style.

Stella & Chris Poore of Mon Petit Studio share, “We used the Wedding Welcome Packet: Modern Minimalist Edition. If you know anything about us here at MPS – you know that we value each and every one of our clients! We also LOVE packaging and we believe that our couples want to open something pretty in the mail.

Introducing our new Wedding Welcome Packs! Complete with general wedding tips, beauty tips, engagement session tips {if you’ve elected to have one} a sweet Moleskine notebook for your wedding planning notes, a rad MPS tote, and finally a little hint of something sweet – a Hershey’s chocolate bar!

We wanted to do something extra special to welcome our newest MPS Wedding Couples and we love the way everything finally fit together.”

Thanks for sharing, Stella & Chris! Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

Have you created anything lately from Design Aglow products? Feel free to send us images here. If we feature it on the blog you’ll get a $75 shopping spree at Design Aglow!

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