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get clients to order, on time

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Clients dragging their feet placing orders? Tired of sending polite “reminders” that fall on deaf ears? Not sure how to get your clients to order on time so you can keep your workflow flowing smooth as silk?

We can help.

Incentives, baby. It’s true, people are motivated by beautiful gifts….things they love and desire. This is where you come in. You’ve got that…your images of their most loved people. We like to include this verbiage when motivating clients to complete their orders AND we use it several times throughout the process too:

Orders placed within 2 weeks of your session will receive a bonus gift: a set of three stunning custom mini brag books. Keep one and give the others as gifts. Our clients rave over these little treasures!

In addition to pleasing clients with a sweet bonus, guess what? You are getting your work out into the world and right in front of your target audience!

On time orders & target marketing! Can you say win/win?

Grab our new Modern Minimalist Mini Book collection and save 20% today.

*Special thanks to Cluney Photo, Leesia Teh Photography, Alissa Saylor Photography & Anthem Photography for the lovely images in our samples.

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Get clients thinking of you every single day…..7 unique ways to do it.

minimialist-calendars-1113-01 minimialist-calendars-1113-02 minimialist-calendars-1113-03 minimialist-calendars-1113-04 minimialist-calendars-1113-05 minimialist-calendars-1113-06 minimialist-calendars-1113-07 minimialist-calendars-1113-10 minimialist-calendars-1113-08 minimialist-calendars-1113-11 minimialist-calendars-1113-09

Want your clients to remember you every single day of the year? Then this is the perfect client gift, upsell, or top level package inclusion to help them get organized and help you get noticed!

Elevate the utilitarian calendar to a minimalist work of art with our Modern Minimalist™ Calendars: 2014-2018. Coordinates seamlessly with the bestselling Modern Minimalist™ Collection so that your branding carries through your entire product line. And clients LOVE it.

These crisp, clean calendars are the ideal end-of-the-year upsell or “you’re the best” client gift. But don’t feel limited to just selling this until January 1st; the included modular date system lets you start a calendar in ANY month, so that you can share throughout the year.

And to make things easier for you: turning the layers on and off to view subsequent years means you don’t have to annually upgrade your calendars through Design Aglow…just one less thing to worry about! As always, we’ve got you covered.

Modern Minimalist™ Calendars at a glance…
• 5 years of calendars, from 2014-2018
• 7 Versatile design means the calendars can be printed as mounted prints, frames prints, easel prints, standouts, metallic prints, for jewel cases, on white boards, trifolds, or magnets, wall clings, or as accordion and spiral books
• Layered PSD files for quick and easy editing

This product is also great for:
• Studio marketing
• Gifts for those who refer you
• Client gifts, upsells and collections
• Your own home, office or studio!

Click here to get your own Modern Minimalist™ Calendars!

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Save BIG on our #1 selling marketing tool: 1st time ever!


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15 Ways to Build a Destination Wedding Following

destination-wedding-marketing-073014-bryan-caporicci*Image Credit: Bryan Caporicci

My last post for Design Aglow on “25 Ways to Build a Local Following” was well-received in the photography community. One reader in specific asked for a similar article, but geared towards destination wedding photography. I love writing topics that are explicitly asked for, so let’s dive right in!

First I’ll step back from the specific topic of “destination wedding photography” for a moment and look at marketing as a whole and how you can create an effective marketing plan. Here is a proven 3-step approach to market anything to anyone:

  1. Who are you trying to reach?
  2. Where do they spend their time?
  3. What kind of message would they likely respond positively to?

Ready for it? All you have to do is #3 in #2 to book more of #1 – simple as that!

Let’s apply this to the destination wedding photography market in one quick example:

  1. Who? We’re looking to reach brides planning a destination wedding.
  2. Where? They are having meetings with their travel agent (booking their wedding/trip), they are likely also spending a lot of time online on Facebook (socializing), Pinterest (looking for inspiration) and Google (researching).
  3. What? They’d appreciate and connect best with advice/education that revolves around their destination wedding. They also love finding new inspiration and ideas for their dream wedding. It’s important to also understand why they’re planning a destination wedding as this will help you define a message. It could be because they want a fun getaway trip with all of their friends, or it could be because they are busy professionals and want to make their wedding a special trip with their closest family members to be together in a place of tranquility, relaxation and warmth. Figure out their “why” and you can frame yours to match.

Once you can define the who you’re trying to reach, where you can reach them and what you can put in front of them, it’s a much easier process to determine a marketing plan for destination weddings.

Here are 15 specific ideas for you:


All-in-all, while destination wedding photography has a slightly different approach in marketing to local wedding photography, the principles are still the same – it’s all about relationship, trust, education, and connection.

bryan-caporicci-headshot-200pxBryan is an award winning portrait photographer based out of Fonthill, Canada. He is a Fuji X-Photographer and is one of the youngest photographers to receive his CPA. He runs a popular educational website for photographers called Sprouting Photographer.

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clean and simple packaging for your photography studio

packaging-design-aglow-camomint-photography-077514-1 packaging-design-aglow-camomint-photography-077514-2 packaging-design-aglow-camomint-photography-077514-3 packaging-design-aglow-camomint-photography-077514-4

Today Maria of Camomint Photography shares her recent packaging success, “For my packaging I was looking for clean and simple design, just as templates that Design Aglow offers. I always felt a bit sad looking at the packaging photos Design Aglow provided, understanding that once I get a template I will have a headache of where and how to print it. So when Design Aglow offered a Packaging Starter Kit, I knew I had to get one.

This is my first attempt to use Design Aglow packaging. At first I was going to use only a small welcome folder, since it has these nice little compartments on the sides. I put a Thank you note in one of them, and referral cards in another. Prints fit wonderfully in the middle. After I got the folder set up, I’ve realized, that it perfectly fits into 8″x10″ charcoal print box and looks much more worthwhile.

I like that the welcome folder has two small pockets, in which a Thank you note and referral cards fit nicely. I really didn’t want them to be lost among the prints. I like that the client has to open it, and take some time to see, what’s inside, check all the pockets and enjoy getting all the small gifts out.

I like the print box, because it’s not too thick. It is perfect for prints or a welcome folder wrapped in tissue paper.

I like the variety of boxes Design Aglow offers. They are good quality, clean and simple. Various thickness and sizes allow you to choose the perfect option! And since there is logo embossing offered, well, this is my number one packaging choice! It is not so easy to find the perfect packaging. I’m so happy that there is someone out there creating just exactly what I’m wishing for! Thank you!

Thanks for sharing, Maria! We love your approach and are so happy for your success. Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

Have you created something awesome with Design Aglow products? Feel free to send us images here. If we feature it on the blog you’ll get a $75 shopping spree at Design Aglow!

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models and comp cards: your guide to getting started

models-comp-cards-061814-01 models-comp-cards-061814-02 models-comp-cards-061814-03 models-comp-cards-061814-05 models-comp-cards-061814-06 models-comp-cards-061814-07 models-comp-cards-061814-08 models-comp-cards-061814-09 models-comp-cards-061814-11 models-comp-cards-061814-12 models-comp-cards-061814-14 models-comp-cards-061814-15

Have you been asked to shoot models and comp cards but aren’t sure where to begin? With our Models & Comp Cards kit, you’ll learn everything you need to expand your studio offerings and your portfolio too!

Learn from the industry’s hottest photographers about setting up shop, choosing lighting, wardrobe and locations, and help your clients grab their next ‘big break.’

Best of all, this comprehensive guide comes complete with bonus branded delivery packaging, including templates for head shot and comp cards, marketing reminder and informational session cards and DVD labels you can customize in a snap.

This all-inclusive beginner’s kit is loaded with everything you need to hit the ground running in this exciting branch of business. Click here to get started today!

Special thanks to Jordan Matter PhotographyHeidi Peters Photography, Jen Wright Photography, Bjoern Photography, Robyn Skwarczek and Cheryl Muhr Photography for the lovely images in our samples.

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