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Design Aglow brings home FIVE Hot One Awards for 2014!

We are so excited.

The Design Aglow Paper Shop AND The Design Aglow Frame Shop have both been recognized by PPA’s Professional Photographer magazine as 2014 Hot One award winners for the categories of photography packaging and framing. Woohoo!!



Given to products that exhibit “exceptional quality, innovation, design and performance as judged by a distinguished panel of industry experts,” Hot One Awards represent the best of the business, and we’re honored to be recognized as such.


Additionally, the Design Aglow Posing Guide has also won for best photography book. If you have not already snagged a copy, you can grab it on Amazon or in your local bookstore. We are super proud of it.


The Modern Minimalist Studio Magazine won the studio marketing category! This is a fantastic marketing asset, professionally written and designed, to be used in print or online.


And finally, our Modern Minimalist Welcome Packet won for best presentation template. We are so happy to have this Design Aglow original product recognized as the critical resource it is for thousands of pro photographers around the world.

Giant thanks again, to PPA’s Professional Photographer Magazine for recognizing our hard work and efforts! Like PPA, we aim to support photographers with a myriad of exceptional resources and elevate our industry to the highest possible level.

We are going to celebrate with some ice cream now~

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modern minimalist™ for animoto launches today


Inspired by our most popular Modern Minimalist™ Collection, Animoto’s newest style showcases your images in a beautiful slideshow while coordinating perfectly with your brand.

Animoto is an online and mobile video creation service for photographers that makes it easy (and fun!) to create and share extraordinary videos using your own  images, text, and even video… the options for included music are absolutely phenomenal!

Simply upload your images, and video if you desire, and add text and music and click the “Produce Video” button. Animoto’s cinematic technology then creates a beautifully orchestrated production within minutes. Share with clients, friends, and the world….it’s stunning marketing for your studio in a snap!

Click here to see the potential and start turning your own photos into rich videos powered by Design Aglow + Animoto. We think you will fall in love~

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color pop accessories are here!

color-pop-accessories-071514-01 color-pop-accessories-071514-02 color-pop-accessories-071514-03 color-pop-accessories-071514-04 color-pop-accessories-071514-05 color-pop-accessories-071514-06 color-pop-accessories-071514-07

Presentation is everything! You know that joyful look on your clients’ faces when you present them with their finished products? Take your packaging to the next level with stylish details in bright pops of color. Introducing our new line of Color Pop Packaging Accessories, featuring hip and lively gift tags, bookmarks and stickers – all totally customizable. These happy little treasures are the perfect complement to your brand… and your Design Aglow Paper Shop bags and boxes!

Make your packages shine by personalizing accessories for each client, or keep a stash of stickers on hand. Either way, the Color Pop design will enhance your colorful personality and delightful studio reputation. To tie it all together, check out The Design Aglow Paper Shop for all your packaging needs.

You can even upsell, or offer as an order incentive, these fun products to your clients as stickers, tags and bookmarks for unique gifts to family and friends. Or repurpose the templates for no-cost web, blog & social media promotions! Click here to get started today!

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the senior style album is here!

senior-album-070714-01 senior-album-070714-02 senior-album-070714-03 senior-album-070714-04 senior-album-070714-05 senior-album-070714-06 senior-album-070714-07 senior-album-070714-08 senior-album-070714-09 senior-album-070714-10

Double the value of your next senior portrait session with the compliment of a full color, 30 page 10×10 album. Designed with presentation as well as functionality in mind, the album is equipped to be easily customizable to suit any company’s specifications, and bundled actions help insert your images in minutes.

Our modern layout is designed to display senior portraits, but would work well with a multitude of sessions. Try it out with your next baby or family portrait session and see what a positive reaction you get.

Your clients will rave about the stylish presentation of their senior portrait session, and cherish it for years to come.

Click here to get yours today!

Special thanks to Stephanie Neal Photography, Hatch Photography, Kristie Bradley Photography and Hint of Whimsy for the lovely images in our sample.

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models and comp cards: your guide to getting started

models-comp-cards-061814-01 models-comp-cards-061814-02 models-comp-cards-061814-03 models-comp-cards-061814-05 models-comp-cards-061814-06 models-comp-cards-061814-07 models-comp-cards-061814-08 models-comp-cards-061814-09 models-comp-cards-061814-11 models-comp-cards-061814-12 models-comp-cards-061814-14 models-comp-cards-061814-15

Have you been asked to shoot models and comp cards but aren’t sure where to begin? With our Models & Comp Cards kit, you’ll learn everything you need to expand your studio offerings and your portfolio too!

Learn from the industry’s hottest photographers about setting up shop, choosing lighting, wardrobe and locations, and help your clients grab their next ‘big break.’

Best of all, this comprehensive guide comes complete with bonus branded delivery packaging, including templates for head shot and comp cards, marketing reminder and informational session cards and DVD labels you can customize in a snap.

This all-inclusive beginner’s kit is loaded with everything you need to hit the ground running in this exciting branch of business. Click here to get started today!

Special thanks to Jordan Matter PhotographyHeidi Peters Photography, Jen Wright Photography, Bjoern Photography, Robyn Skwarczek and Cheryl Muhr Photography for the lovely images in our samples.

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new boudoir albums are here!

The best part of an intimate boudoir session? The beautifully personalized products she will cherish for the rest of her life… literally. Investing into elegant packaging to tie it all together is just as important as what your client decides to wear (or not wear!). Presenting our Lace and Velvet Boudoir Albums — two elegant designs, both with multiple print and color palette options, so you can match any style.

Looking for something playful and romantic? Our feminine Lace Album fits just right. How about bold and sophisticated? Meet our luxurious Velvet Album. Whatever your client’s style, we have the perfect packaging to preserve her images forever… in options as unique as she is.

Special thanks to Gabe McClintock PhotographyLacie Hansen Photography and Coco Tran for the lovely images.

lace-headerboudoir-album-lace-060214-01 boudoir-album-lace-060214-03 boudoir-album-lace-060214-04 boudoir-album-lace-060214-06

VELVET-HEADERboudoir-album-velvet-060214-01boudoir-album-velvet-060214-07boudoir-album-velvet-060214-08 boudoir-album-velvet-060214-06


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