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Shannon Griffin

shannon-mathis-mi-amore-fotoShannon Griffin of Mi Amore Foto, has been as professional photographer for 6 years.  She began her career in fashion and gradually found her passion in wedding and boudoir photography.  “I began to realize that I enjoyed how personal weddings were,” Griffin explains.  “As a photographer, you can stage the moment you are capturing or you can witness it.  A big part of what gets me up in the morning is the opportunity to witness great moments in others’ lives.  It is a real privilege.”  Shannon works in both film and digital formats, travels as often as possible for work, and resides in North Florida with her husband and dog, Lola.  When not working, she can be found at the nearest breakfast spot, or out with friends.

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Meg Borders

Meg Borders is a senior and lifestyle photographer in Eastern Washington with a craving for sunlight. Her work is unmistakable for it’s creamy backlighting, sun-induced ambers, and a romantic quality that’s marked by a warm glow. This distinctive style creates a sense of fairytale enchantment that has become synonymous with the artist, and her brand. You can visit Meg’s site to view her portfolio at, learn some of her styling tips from Design Aglow Style Guides for Seniors, Families & Engagements and see how in-person sales has helped her in Selling Without A Studio: The Guide.

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Bre Thurston


Bre Thurston is an up and coming wedding photographer based out of Seattle, WA. Having just moved to the Pacific Northwest from Southern California, Bre infuses her sunny, lighthearted style into her work. Producing warm, joyful images is what Bre does best, whether it's with a wedding client or while shooting a young family. Bre was recently profiled by Professional Photographer Magazine, February 2013, for her engagement session work and how she's found success at a young age and in large, saturated markets. Being absolutely in love with the state of California has come in handy since Bre has shot weddings in Palm Springs, San Diego, LA, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Mountain View, and Lake Tahoe (to name a few of her favorite places). See her work at and learn valuable advice in The Essential Pricing Guide for Wedding Photographers.

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Katelyn James

Katelyn, Michael, and Bokeh; March 3, 2012Katelyn James of Katelyn James Photography is an acclaimed wedding photographer based in Virginia, traveling the East Coast and beyond. She and her husband Michael (along with their puppy Bokeh!) are the talent and operations behind The Wedding Experience, a fun, fresh and inspired take on weddings. See her inspired work at and learn from her experiences in The Essential Pricing Guide for Wedding Photographers.

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Alisha & Brook


Happily married for more than 10 years, Alisha and Brook Todd work as team photographing life's important moments. Their goal is to capture the beauty, wonder, and emotional detail of weddings with a cinematic, timeless style that blends documentary and fine art photography. Alisha and Brook love to travel; their work has taken them from the warm beaches of Mexico and lush tropics of Hawaii to the romantic countrysides of Tuscany and Napa. They live in a small seaside town just south of the San Francisco Bay Area with their beautiful daughter, Giada Bella. Alisha and Brook are founding members of The Shortlist, a select group of wedding professionals in San Francisco, and are active members of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). They regularly speak at Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) events sponsored by Kodak. You can learn from their experience in The Essential Pricing Guide for Wedding Photographers.

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Sarah & Meg


Sarah Phillips & Meg Moore have been established portrait photographers each focusing on families and children. After years of friendship, they decided to take on a few weddings together. They found they had instant chemistry and that each skill that they individually brought to the table could balance out the other. Now, together, they form an exceptional team. Sarah & Meg also teach and mentor at Clickin' Moms. Both live in the Boston area with their families. See their work at and learn from them in The Essential Pricing Guide for Wedding Photographers.

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