Product Spotlight: Boudoir Welcome Packet: Modern Romance Edition




Although it’s beautiful and exhilarating, a boudoir session can intimidate even the most confident woman. Help your client to relax and ease their tension with the most impressive presentation we have ever seen: Design Aglow’s Boudoir Welcome Packet. When you hand her this tastefully appointed fine art presentation, filled with everything she needs to know (and more!), any apprehension will melt into eager anticipation for her day in the limelight.

Boudoir Welcome Packet at a glance:

• Welcome greeting
• Quad-fold card including packages, general session info, location session info, pep talk and testimonials
• Trifold beauty guide with helpful tips
• Checklist of all items to remember leading up to their session
• Product options
• Bookmark referral card
• Business card with contact info
• Packaging sticker
• Return address label for branded mailing option
• Gift magnet with confidence-boosting quote
• All professional pre-written verbiage included
• Two color palette options (light and dark)

Click here to save on our Boudoir Welcome Packet: Modern Romance Edition during Boudoir Week only!

To get the presentation folder shown in the images, please click here.





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