Design Aglow's Boudoir Week 2016: Milou + Olin Photography


Hi Caroline! What was your road like to becoming a photographer?

I've been an artist since my mother let me draw on my walls as a little girl (loved it) back home in Indonesia, but photography has always been a true love of mine. I've been photographing people and weddings professionally for about 8 years, and before that dogs for 5 years. After getting my BFA and MFA in New Media and Design, I have been fortunate enough to make my passion for photography into my career.


How did you begin incorporating boudoir photography into your offerings?  

I started incorporating boudoir photography into my offerings around 4 years ago due to client requests. It's funny because in these past few years I've really been wanting to focus on it more and more because it is so empowering and liberating for women.  I am passionate about capturing the female form at its finest and most fierce. I think boudoir is all about reimagining what we think we know about being a girl.


What are your top 3 considerations when photographing boudoir sessions?

I think the most important things to remember is to provide an environment that creates comfort and fun for clients. Also, it's important to flatter clients using posing and lighting. Lastly, always remember to convey the client’s personality through the photograph.


What is the most rewarding part of a boudoir session?

It's so rewarding to see how confident a woman feels after, and when they truly see how beautiful they are.


If someone was hoping to pursue boudoir photography, what advice would you give them?

I'd advise them to discover what their personal style is. Don't just copy the other boudoir photographers out there. Also, I'd advise to really watch and observe the female body. Understand how the female psychology works. Once you understand that, you are able to better translate the beauty of the female form so that a client can see how boudoir can be used to boost the confidence of a woman.


How do you think your business has benefited from incorporating this niche?

I think the ability to show my versatility to clients as an individual and as a photographer has helped immensely. Emotionally, I have found it so rewarding as well. I get to meet so many beautiful amazing women, and also get to know them and help them feel beautiful. Being involved with boudoir portraiture has helped me get in touch with my own softer side.

I shoot for the woman, not for the man. I want my client to feel feminine and beautiful, not just sexy. I want them to love themselves, love their body and most of all have fun.


 My good friends call me Olin! When I am not photographing a wedding of a couple madly in love or capturing some beautiful boudoir portraits you’ll find me enjoying laughter, sushi, gluten free baking and playing with my four-legged puppy partners.

To view more of Olin's work, visit her at



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