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We are excited to introduce a series of Q&A’s from some of our fabulous contributors. These blog posts will include 5 questions and showcase some of the artist’s recent work. Are you a contributor (or interested in becoming one) and would love a feature? Contact us here!

Today we are pleased to feature the wonderful Sarah Carson. Enjoy ~


Q: Tell us about your studio, style and approach.

A: Sarah Anne Photography is run by just me :) I have become utterly addicted to providing amazing imagery for people and really impacting their lives. Photographs can be more powerful than words and it's such a great feeling to watch someone react to their memories I've captured. My approach is to photograph people as they are and as they will never be again. Time is fleeting and photography is a humble way to catch glimpses of our time here. Romance between lovers, laughter between soulmates, nose kisses and hand holds.. all of it. It's the little things that bring the biggest feelings.


Q: If you had to sum up your style in 1-2 sentences, what would you say.

A: I have a natural pull towards an editorial style of photographing my clients. I have purpose and intention behind every shot I take, creating simple images with striking composition and focus showcasing a particular slice of time.


Q: How do you ensure you have a sustainable business?

A: I ensure I have a sustainable business by continuing to produce work through workshops, test shoots and actual paying clients. I make social media posts and keep in contact with potential clients. Even if it's a slow week or month, I spread out my posts to make myself appear busy, even if I'm not ;)


Q: What are your best selling products? do you sell in person? tell us about your sales process (photographers get super inspired by this)

A: My best selling products are my albums. I bring examples to bridal meetings and market it as "I'll save you time after your wedding and deliver you something beautiful". Brides have enough worries, they don't need to be thinking about scrapbooking or attempting to design an album on their own.

My sales process is getting a facelift now that I have all my Design Aglow products. Inspired by a fellow photographer, I am using the Minimalist Wedding Magazine template to create informational magazines that cover my services A-Z. After an initial inquiry, if a bride chooses to meet with me, I send them the digital copy of the magazine before the meeting. That way, they have a chance to look it over in private, get a really great feel for what I do and feel more comfortable moving forward to the meeting. At the meeting itself, I review the magazine packet and bring along my example goodies (prints, albums, cards etc) so they have the chance to see items in person. Seeing is believing, and clients are more willing to invest in something they can experience first hand. Once we've discussed their needs, I send them a custom quote (if need be, usually they pick a pre-made package) with the contract, wedding info sheets and anything else they may be requiring.

In the digital era, Design Aglow is really helping me to make my process and organization so streamlined, that my clients feel the process is efficient and digitally painless.


Q: What are your top 3 tips for success?

A: My three tips to success:

  1. Positivity is key to bringing in a fruitful energy to make your business blossom. If you believe what you're doing is good and that it should exist in the world, it will happen.
  2. Know your worth and stand by it. You are a master at your craft and that mastery is worth something. Just because everyone and their mother has a camera doesn't mean they can do what you do.
  3. Get organized, stay organized. Running your own business is insane, crazy, chaotic and wonderful. Develop a system, let it change as you need it, but keep your ducks in a row. It's much easier to maintain structure than to try and build it months or years into your business. (Design Aglow can even help if you're already a bit crazy!)

Thanks, Sarah!

~ Stay tuned for more Q&A posts from our wonderful contributing photographers.


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