#AU_REVOIR, Friends.

365 days. 365 prompts.

Since its launch almost a year ago, Project Life 365 has served as a springboard for creativity, a global gathering place for photographers interested in exploring the world around them. We’ve taken stock of the #little_things, played with #motion_blur, shared what we were #currently_reading, looked #underneath and #above, then felt #optimistic, #strange, and #alive.

Ironically, our last prompt of the year–and the final prompt of Project Life 365–is #au_revoir.

After 365 days, we have met our year-long goal (woot!) and are closing up shop at Project Life 365. We will not be prompting or posting in 2014, simply because the team at PL 365 will be redirecting its resources to several new projects within the Design Aglow community. Over the past year, Design Aglow has published 2 books and opened Frame and Paper Shops for professional photographers, with more projects in the works. In other words, there’s a lot going on.

So we wanted to thank you–thank you for making this dedicated community of creatives such an inspiring and supportive place to be. We thank you for sharing your lives with us, for being brave and consistent and experimental and showing up each day with your photographs. From the mundane to the fabulous, we loved it all.

As for 2013’s photos: we know you’ve amassed quite a collection, so we urge you to remember this amazing year in a custom Project Life 365 Moleskine album, a modern scrapbook that will serve as a beautiful physical archive of you.

As for the photos that have yet to be taken in 2014: keep your daily photography project alive! (This app, site, and community are great resources for you to explore.) And since you’re in the hashtag habit, tagging your images with #projectlife365 will keep us apprised of your journey.

So this is the end; we’ll think back fondly on all the #good_times and look forward to seeing your final two weeks of #projectlife365 posts.

#Au_revoir, friends; we’ll see you in pictures.




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