instacanvas: your 365 as art

Do you have an array of smartphone images sitting on your phone? Why let them sit when you can display them proudly on your wall? Today we have a lovely fan share of the Instacanvas collage template from Jennifer of Jennifer Brown Photography. She shares, "I'm an Iphone photo addict. I had photos out the wazoo but no way to view them. I inserted 365 iPhone photos into your easy breezy template, placed my canvas order through ProDPI, and voila! Three days later my family's entire year from 2012 was on the wall! Now they're on our wall for the world to admire! It's a great conversation piece; we glance at it every time we walk by and always find ourselves lingering to relive the memories. I made the product for myself, and when I shared it on my Photography Facebook Page, it blew up. People want it. I'm going to start offering it as a product to my clients. Love all around."

Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! Your $75 gift code is on its way~

From the shop: Smartphone photo applications bring artistic photography to our fingertips. For an exciting and innovative way to share a years worth of memories (and get your imagery off your phone!), Design Aglow brings you our InstaCanvas. Seamlessly and effortlessly import 365 images (a Picture A Day for a year) and create a stunning conversation piece.

InstaCanvas Specs:
* Designed for 30x30 printing, but is easily resized to any square format
* Bundled actions for swift and simple image placement
* Professionally integrates 365 square images into a single useable wall art piece With vector imaging capable of being adjusted to virtually any size, the possibilities with the InstaCanvas are polished and truly unlimited.

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