New Dry Erase Boards: Home Organization Collection

Posted on October 13, 2015

Home Organization Dry Erase Board Templates

Weekly Schedule Dry Erase Board

Weekly Schedule Checklist Board

Weekly Chore Chart

Weekly Chore Chart Dry Erase Board

Dry Erase Board Checklists

Need to get your home life organized? Kids need a little incentive to get those chores accomplished? Want to plan out a week’s worth of dinners?

We’ve got you! Say hello to our easy-to-use Home Organization Collection of three customizable designs to get your home running like a slick machine.

Change names, color, lists, anything you like. Print on a white metal float mount and hang your stylish creation in the kitchen or hall…’s pretty and effective!

Click here to get yours today with intro pricing for a limited time!


What the pros are saying: Essential Calendar Collection

Posted on October 08, 2015

Holiday gifts can be a great way to let clients know you appreciate them while also generating business. Simone of Fotografie Simone Lauber shares, "I used the Essential Calendar Collection and created flyers for 2016 with my name and website at the bottom. I printed 1000 pieces and now distribute these in our region for business partners in the wedding industry. I also added a free download on my homepage to generate lots of traffic to my website and I offer my customers a free 2016 calendar with their session. It's an inexpensive, nice giveaway for my clients and a great motivator for them to book a session.

I love the layouts for the calendars. It's so easy to create wonderful things with them and I've received only positive feedback. Some customers said they want to frame the calendar and put it on their desk or shelf."

Thanks for sharing, Simone! We love your approach and are so happy for your success. Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

Have you created something awesome with Design Aglow products? Feel free to send us images here. If we feature it on the blog you’ll get a $75 shopping spree at Design Aglow!


7 Fresh & Fun Ideas for Holiday Portraits

Posted on October 06, 2015

In the words of Michael J. Fox, “Family is not an important thing. It's everything.” When your clients come to you for holiday portraits they want you to capture their “everything” so they can share it with extended family and friends.

Every family is different. Some will want more formal images posed in front of a pretty backdrop while others will want something completely out-of-the-box. All want you to create something that is uniquely and perfectly them. Take the first few minutes of your session for more typical smile-for-the-camera images. After that, have some fun with your clients and let their family dynamics and personalities shine through.

Get Outside and Get Moving

The last thing you want is to have your clients worrying about the perfect pose and if their kids are behaving. Help them feel more comfortable by suggesting an activity that is fun for everyone. Let the kids run and jump in a big pile of fall leaves. Suggest a family game of tag, or a walk together. These kinds of activities not only lead to really natural expressions, they also bring movement to your images, all while your clients are having a great time with their family.

Cook Something

Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate or your clients just don’t want to get outside. Don’t worry, you can still set up an activity that has everyone giggling and having fun. Get them in the kitchen and have the kids help bake festive cookies or make hot chocolate with marshmallows. Let your clients know it’s ok for this to be messy and silly and before you know it, everyone will have flour on their faces and they will all be laughing together.

Replicate Cards of Holidays Past

Thanks to #TBT and #FBF, then and now images have surged in popularity recently. Jump on that trend by having your clients replicate images from previous years. Have them send you their favorite image and work together to coordinate similar clothing, location and posing. These images work best when there are several years between the original and new images, and they are a fun way to see how a family has changed through the years.

Dress Up (Or Down)

Everyone wants to look their best in their holiday portraits and that often means new clothes that all “go together”. Rather than brand new, stiff feeling clothes bought only for this session, encourage your clients to have some fun with their wardrobe options. Ugly Christmas sweaters or matching PJs are a great way to bring some holiday themed quirkiness to the session. Get the kids involved by having them choose what their parents should wear.

Keep it Real

While most clients want their holiday portraits to show them at their best, you may find some of your clients want to keep it real with documentary or lifestyle imagery. Strip away dress up clothes, poses, and other ideas and photograph your clients as they really are. This may mean you need to find out what they like to do during a typical day. Perhaps you hang out for a few hours and capture A Day in the Life. Images may include the family eating dinner together, playing a board game, decorating a tree, lighting a menorah, or going for a walk in the neighborhood with the family dog. Your goal is to catch a very real slice of their daily lives.

Forget Posing, Have Fun

Formal poses and fake smiles are a thing of the past. This year, show your clients’ personalities by choosing interactive “poses” that are actually fun. Have everyone pile onto the couch, floor, or master bed and have a tickle fight. Grab the kids and tell them to jump on mom and dad for a “group hug” and see what they do. Encourage silliness and fun.  

Pose It

When you have clients that insist on being posed, embrace it! Choose a lovely backdrop and wonderful light then use your posing skills to go beyond the boring “smile” and showcase the personality of their family. If you get stuck, don’t worry, we have a Family Posing Guide to help you create something dynamic and fun.

The annual holiday portrait is not only a gift your clients give to their extended family and friends, it’s also an opportunity to freeze time, just for a moment, and capture a little slice of what that family looks like right now. Many families use these sessions as a means of documenting the growth and change 12 months brings. If you aren’t already chatting with your clients about family sessions, it’s not too late! Our new Holiday Sessions Promo Kit gives you a jump start with filling your calendar with holiday portrait sessions.


Product Spotlight: Legal Contracts

Posted on October 05, 2015

We all know someone who knows someone who is being threatened with a nasty lawsuit by a client. We really hope that someone is never you, and we’re here to help you out. The only way to ensure that you’re protected is to have a clearly defined, bulletproof legal contract. Our comprehensive legal contracts are fully customizable and even include a bonus Interactive Adobe PDF, so if things get messy, your paperwork doesn’t have to.

All of our contracts include:
• Photoshop & InDesign files for easy customization
• Bonus interactive PDF files to make collecting contracts quick & easy

Get started today with our Complete Portrait or Wedding Contracts, and shop all our contracts and forms here.


the successful photographer: be a stickler for contracts and payments

Posted on October 05, 2015

The Successful Photographer's Studio Policies for Success: Be a Stickler for Contracts & Payments

Design Aglow's Studio Policies for Success aims to make your photography business run smooth as silk while avoiding all too common problems that plague even the most experienced photographers. Feel free to use our recommendations as is or modified to suit your needs, and you can thank us later *wink*.

The Policy: “Be a stickler for contracts and payments.”

Why it's important: A contract cannot be processed without a non-refundable retainer. A retainer cannot be deposited without a signed contract. One without the other can turn into a disaster, because if you deposit a retainer without a signed contract, the client has no obligation to you. If you sign a contract without receiving the retainer, that can create confusion for the client because a signed contract is confirmation of receiving the retainer.

The simple point is this: the contract and non- refundable retainer must both be present to officially block a date. (And by the way: a deposit can be refunded, a retainer cannot. Always refer to that first payment by the term retainer.)

How this helps with your success: It's much better to be in a position where you have the option for flexibility within your contract than it is to be forced out of compensation because you weren't covered properly. It's important to communicate to your client that they are essentially buying your time on the designated date, and that this prevents you from accepting money from anyone else for that date.

You should also clearly communicate that there are three required payments on your payment schedule: The first payment is due with the contract, as the retainer. The second should be due 90 days before the wedding and the final payment should be received 30 days before the wedding. In the event the 30 day payment is not received, your contract should state that you will not be able to provide photography services.

Also, we never recommend collecting money from a client on the day of a wedding. Not only is your payment one more thing on a very long list of things to remember, but asking a bride for a check on her wedding day can feel funny for everyone. The best way around it is to simply arrange all payments before the wedding day arrives.

See more Wedding Policies for Success and learn procedures for the many challenges are common with wedding photography. Your clients will appreciate having professional policies that they can both understand and respect. Never worry about the threat of a wedding crisis turning into a legal and logistical nightmare. For a bulletproof wedding contract, click here.

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