Design Aglow Albums: Unique, Modern & Stunning

Posted on August 27, 2015

We love seeing albums in the hands of our clients! Today we are delighted to share this lovely album experience from Morgan of Morgan V. Photography. Morgan shares, "My experience with Design Aglow Albums has been spectacular. It was easy to understand how to format my pages, describe all of my album preferences, and upload my files. When I accidentally designed a band that was slightly too large for my album, I was quickly and politely notified by a Design Aglow staff member who quickly sent me the properly sized template in the exact format I requested! I have no plans of seeking anyone else for any of my product needs.

As an InDesign user, I was incredibly happy when I downloaded the Modern Minimalist Album template and found I could utilize the .indd format. Everything was easy to peruse, understand, modify and purchase to create a stunning physical representation of my brand and company.

I am a huge fan of the Design Aglow brand as a whole and am thrilled to feature their products to my clients! At every client meeting, the biggest moment is when I show them my sample album. I prefer the unique and modern linen covers to the more generic leather covers offered by most companies, and couples always have fun discussing which color they would choose for themselves. I am quite persnickety but I am nothing but ecstatic about the print quality and album binding. I chose to use the band cover for my sample album because I like the way it can display a photo with graphically integrated text and still shows off the linen cover."

Thanks for sharing, Morgan! We love your approach and are so happy for your success. Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

Have you created something awesome with Design Aglow products? Feel free to send us images here. If we feature it on the blog you’ll get a $75 shopping spree at Design Aglow!

Album shown above is 10x10, with a Natural linen cover and band. All Design Aglow Albums are delivered in our signature charcoal album box and include an Album Care Card so your clients know how to best care for their heirloom product.

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the f stops here: how to attract terrible clients

Posted on August 25, 2015

You know the type: they send 438 emails IN ALL CAPS haggling over your session fee, offerings, and policies. They show up to the photo shoot wearing mismatched outfits, an array of plaid shirts, and baseball caps after you've brainstormed clothing options, just because “it was too stressful to get all dressed up.” They text you the night of your session, wondering if the photos are online so they can be printed at Walmart. They crop out your logo on Facebook, re-edit their files, and post bad Yelp reviews about your “high prices” and “slow turnaround.” And they make you miserable. They're Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Clients. Which, let's be clear, doesn't necessarily mean that they're terrible people, or that they would be nightmare clients for a shoot­-and-burn, discount photographer they happened to stumble Groupon (upon, sorry). These clients are just, for a multitude of reasons, the wrong kind of clients for your business. Here's how you attract them ­and by reverse logic, avoid them altogether.

Terrible Client Magnet #1: You're Cheap.
Being cheap has as much to do with price as it does with presentation. Let's tackle the price part of the equation first. It's a well­ documented fact that low price = low expectations. Would you expect the same experience from Taco Bell as you would an acclaimed four star artisan Mexican restaurant? We doubt it, which is why you should price yourself for profit, rather than what you think the market can bear. (You'd be surprised at what a certain clientele will pay for a premium product.) Bottom line: bargain customers are hagglers, hagglers are a hassle, and hassles will drive you out of business. Now for presentation: it matters. Are you still using a logo designed by your cousin, on a website that uses as a domain name? Tough love time: that's just not professional. Polished, high­-end presentation attracts high­-end clients searching for a certain style and finesse. Have you ever heard us say that you sell what you show? Show an amateur website and freebie marketing materials, and potential clients will think you sell an amateur product at accordingly low prices.

Terrible Client Magnet #2: You're Marketing In All The Wrong Places.
While Groupon and other deeply discounted marketing tactics aren't evil (forgive our earlier joke), they attract, by definition, bargain hunters. Now answer honestly: is your photography­, your art, your calling, your livelihood, your time­ worth 80% off? Advertising cut rates is an magnet for price shoppers, most of whom will use you and lose you once the next super saver deal comes along. If you're having a hard time developing long-term client relationships, the kind that bear fruit every season, it's time to seek out different clients, from different marketing and referral channels.

Terrible Client Magnet #3: You're A Photographer Of All Trades And Master Of None.
If you're photographing boudoir, babies, commercial, events, headshots, dance kids, maternity, families, kids, seniors, sports, weddings, AND unicorns, then you're robbing yourself of the opportunity to become an expert in a specific field, and thus distinguish yourself from the other generalists flooding the market. By shooting everything, you're going to attract everyone, which, ironically, is a bad thing. Everyone is not a good client; people who value art and are willing to pay for an amazing experience that delivers an heirloom product are clients that will make your heart sing. Trust us: narrowing your specialty to just unicorns will make you happier, more patient, and dusted with way more glitter than the average local photog.

Terrible Client Magnet #4: You're Promising What You Don't/Can't/Won't Deliver.
Your website illustrates lovely maternity photos but you hate photographing pregnant people, so you begrudgingly photograph bellies. A vintage editing style is SO not your thing, but if a client asks you for it, you agree rather than lose the booking. A sweet couple pulls out an iPad during their consultation, wondering if you're Pinterested in shooting all these poses they've pulled and that look like every other trite photograph circulating on the internet. All of these clients could be made into raving advocates for your studio and style: photograph the baby, not the belly; educate the client on why your clean, classic edits will stand the test of time; and discuss why your natural posing transcends the Pinterest trend­ of the day. But if you give in to their requests and betray your own beliefs, then you won't be happy with your clients, or yourself. To thine own self be true, or suffer the consequences of clients that have become a burden rather than a pleasure.

Terrible Client Magnet #5: You're Not Prequalifying Your Clients.
The easiest way to do this: list your session and package prices (or at least your starting rate or average sale) on your website. Those who can't invest in your experience or don't treasure your photography magically vanish, and the focus shifts back to your art rather than your price point. Hagglers or those looking for a deal can look elsewhere, and you can get back to shooting and seeking out clients that understand the true value - which is decidedly not monetary - of the services you provide. 

~ The F Stops Here is an exclusive collection of articles by Design Aglow, designed to be used and shared by photographers. Look for this column twice monthly here on the Design Aglow Blog and feel free to grab & share on your site, blog and/or social media pages with a byline and link to
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Get nostalgic with our new Instant Film Collection

Posted on August 25, 2015

polaroid style template

Transform your images into nostalgic art your clients will love. Not only do these beautiful, intuitive templates allow you to craft a uniquely personalized product in less time, these versatile collages extend your branding beyond marketing materials and your web presence to stunning showpieces for your clients’ homes.

Instant Film Collection at a glance:
• Includes 3 layout styles (1, 3, or 4 images) in 17 varying sizes
• Print as large as you’d like
• Incorporate your own text and studio info for personalization
• Layered Photoshop PSD and InDesign IDML files for quick and easy editing

This product is great for:
• Canvases, album layouts and covers
• Cards, marketing materials and personal use
• Website and blog boards
• Instantly shareable social media posts that get noticed

Click here to save $5 with intro intro pricing (and don't forget to use the code "STOCKUP" to get an extra 15% off during our Summer Sale)!

Special thanks to Terra Lange Photography and Lena Hyde Photography for the lovely images in our samples.

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Product Spotlight: The Big Picture Planner

Posted on August 23, 2015

Ultimate Planner for Photographers

2016 is your year to organize and achieve! Turn your ideas and goals into actionable accomplishments with our simple and effective system for getting things done.

Other planners on the market just don’t take into account the specific needs of photographers and their businesses. Our expanded Big Picture’s gorgeous aesthetic and practical approach will change your life.

Let Design Aglow set you up for success in workflow, planning, marketing and your unique “big picture” goals every single day! Use this planner in 2016 (but start it any day before), and set yourself up for success for many years to come.

With a 100% customizable format, start planning with The Big Picture right away, for a fresh design that allows you to fill in your own dates for any year. What’s more, we’ve even added new features, including all new covers and daily pages, successful marketing resources, blog and social trackers, and a bucket list for everything from daring travel to tiramisu.

Then, once you’ve personalized The Big Picture with your choice of cover and other customizable components, keep yourself accountable by joining our exclusive Big Picture Facebook community, included with your purchase!

The Big Picture at a glance:

  • 40+ printable and fully customizable PDF pages (binder not included)
  • 16 page how-to tutorial, Setting Yourself Up for Success, guides you through our proven method of transforming your goals into achievements
  • Dozens of smart tips for living more productively
  • 8 brilliantly designed sections tailored for today’s professional photographer: Daily & Weekly Planner, Monthly Planner, Contacts, Workflow, Marketing, Financial, Resources, Inspiration, and Notes
  • 3 unique, brandable cover options
  • 6 smart worksheets for strategic planning: plot your Big Picture goals, goal actions, annual marketing goals, current and future marketing campaigns, social media tracking, and website & blog analytics
  • Section cover pages with quotes and images
  • Blog & Social trackers
  • 2016 Year At A Glance
  • 2-Page Week-At-A-Glance
  • My Bucket List Page
  • Extra Daily Page option (with To-Do & Personal sections)
  • And so much more...

Can't get enough? Get our optional add-on Blogging Planner (sold separately).

BONUS: Access to the exclusive Design Aglow Big Picture private Facebook community to keep you on track, motivated and supported 24/7

Click here to get organized today (and use the code "STOCKUP" to get 15% off in our Summer Sale)!

Need some inspiration? Click here to see who else is using (and loving) the Big Picture Planner.

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Display Your Frame Offerings and Boost Your Sales with the Show & Sell Kit

Posted on August 22, 2015

At Design Aglow, we create our templates with the maxim “you sell what you show.” Want higher sales? Then illustrate to your clients--in person, with a product they can touch--your offerings so that they can have a tactile, engaging experience. Chances are that they won’t be able to put them down.

Taylor of Maryjanes & Galoshes Photography is offering frames to her clients in this easy, stress free way with our Show & Sell Kit. She shares, "I was getting frustrated trying to show clients images of frames to choose from. I ordered the Show & Sell Kit so that my clients could see exactly what they were getting and be able to best choose the frame that fit their home and style. Now I keep all the frames in a basket and pull it out for them to touch and feel during their ordering session. Clients love it and it takes so much stress of me."

Thanks for sharing, Taylor! We love your approach and are so happy for your success. Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

Have you created something awesome with Design Aglow products? Feel free to send us images here. If we feature it on the blog you’ll get a $75 shopping spree at Design Aglow!

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