New Photo Booth templates are here!

Posted on July 01, 2015

 photo booth templates

photobooth templates

photo booth templates for photographers

photobooth templates for photographers

seasonal photo booth templates

seasonal photobooth templates

Send guests home with a branded takeaway from every event with these fabulously shareable photo booth templates. Simply upload the customizable files into your photo booth software where they can then be printed, emailed, or shared via social media.

marketing for photo booth vendors

Photo booths have become a “must-have” part of events - such as weddings, parties and conferences - offering guests and hosts the chance to come away with fun, instantly shareable personal souvenirs. Use this handy 5x7 marketing trifold to show off your work and let clients know all the amazing features your photo booth offers.

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Heirloom Frame Displays

Posted on June 30, 2015

wall gallery frame collection

wholesale frame galleries

You have to show it if you want to sell it, right? We love how our customers are using Design Aglow Frames in their own homes and studios! Shaylynn of Shaylynn Marie Photography shares, "My goals are to provide beautiful framing options for all of the heirloom prints I offer my clients. The Design Aglow frames include enough variety to suit any of my clients tastes in decor and style and really take the service I offer my clients to the next level. Rather than overwhelming or distracting from the photos, these frames are the perfect enhancement to showcase the photo while delivering a complete finished product to my clients.

I love these frames. I want my clients to see that not only do I think they are a great way to showcase their family's photos but they're a great way to showcase my own family photos in my home. I stand behind my work and the products I offer so much that I use them myself and think that speaks a lot to my clients. When they come in for their viewing and ordering appointment after their sessions, they can not only see and feel the samples of products I offer but see them in real life all over my home. That's important to me for them to see just how amazing their photos can look. Not on a CD or on social media but walls and in beautiful albums in 'real life'. I guess this is my personal way of endorsing the importance the service I provide of not only capturing important memories but preserving them with heirloom quality photos displayed beautifully the way photographs are meant to be seen.

What's not to like about these frames?! In all honesty 'like' might even be an understatement. My clients have ranged from early 20s to late 60s and all have loved the frames you offer. The variety is small enough to not be overwhelming, versatile enough to match any decor or style and appeal to multiple generations. The ingenuity of the stands for your smaller frames, the spring loading for securing the backing and easy mounting structure have given these frames such a wow factor for myself as well as my clients. They have a smart design, beautiful finish options and all at an affordable price point. That takes these frames from like to love for this photographer."

Thanks for sharing, Shaylynn! We love your approach and are so happy for your success. Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

Have you created something awesome with Design Aglow products? Feel free to send us images here. If we feature it on the blog you’ll get a $75 shopping spree at Design Aglow!

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3 Simple Solutions to Selling Photography Collections

Posted on June 29, 2015

wholesale frames

If you sell prints, you’ve probably given some thought to portrait collections. And by “given some thought,” we mean you’ve probably spent hours tearing your hair out, calculating COGs, structuring and restructuring packages, crunching numbers, and generally remembering why you became a photographer rather than an accountant or math teacher.

The irony is, you probably won’t see a huge payoff for all that mental energy. In fact, the typical portrait collection -- a big ol’ canvas, a few 8x10s, and a handful of gift prints -- could actually be hurting your business. Many photographers sell some variation of that collection simply because it’s what everyone else does. But haphazard portrait collections can hamper your sales and cause you unnecessary headaches. Here are a few potential problems you should be aware of -- and simple steps you can take to avoid those pitfalls and make your collections work for you.

Pitfall #1: Collections aren’t tailor-made.

As custom photographers, we market ourselves as the alternative to one-size-fits-all photography. We promote our inimitable vision and our ability to capture each client’s unique personality. So why would we expect all of our clients to want the same exact configuration of images? What are the chances that a client in a cozy bungalow will want the same collection as a client with a grand two-story formal foyer? How many people mix canvas with framed prints in the same wall display? And what are the odds those wall prints will actually get framed?

Solution: Offer a simplified selection.

Rather than designing an arbitrary mix-and-match collection of products, show three or four easy-to-sell wall displays for clients to choose from. (Use our Inspire Guide: Wall Galleries for the most striking presentation and to give clients an easy way to preview their displays!) For each wall gallery, offer a price for all canvas, all prints, or all framed prints. Use decoy pricing to drive clients towards canvas and framed prints; they have an “heirloom” feel and will be the most likely to get displayed right away (which, in turn, will attract more clients).

Pitfall #2: It creates more work.

When you offer standardized portrait collections, you typically end up fielding requests from clients asking to tweak this or sub that or add this or remove that. Again, clients rarely have the same tastes or same needs, and it’s hard to convince someone to invest hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on something that’s not exactly what they want. Of course you can always make adjustments -- but each time you do, you have to dust off your calculator and present another option. And that takes time, becomes confusing to the client, and which brings down your hourly rate.

Solution: Cater to your clientele.

To minimize changes and substitutions, look back at last year’s order history and see what your most popular (and profitable) products and print sizes were. Use that as a guideline when building your collections. There may be a boutique product you absolutely love, but shoehorning it into a collection might deter clients from ordering that collection. Instead, order a sample, talk it up at your session, and offer it as an a la carte option. If it catches on, it can always be added to your deluxe collection!

Pitfall #3: The “money-off” mindset.

There’s a tendency to tout the amazing savings clients get by ordering a collection, but this can devalue your work. Say you create a collection that mixes prints and digital files -- low-COG, but high-value, thanks to the digital files. You promote it as “30% off a la carte prices!” Now your client wants to add a high-COG product, like an album or canvas. Are you prepared to match your 30% savings?

Solution: Change your wording.

Promote your products, not your discounts. Set a price for each collection, but instead of trying to frame them as a bargain, educate your clients about their investment. Let them know that wall displays will let them relive those happy memories every time they step into their living room. Suggest a collectible keepsake album of their favorite images, so they can share their memories with friends, family, and future grandkids. (Once they see how personal and tactile an album is, they’ll probably want to order one every time they book a session.) Instead of treating your collections as a math problem or sales gimmick, design them to be a true collection of your artwork -- and they’ll start to sell themselves.

So don’t shy away from collections; they are the perfect solution for guiding clients toward attractive galleries, boosting your bottom line and establishing yourself as the must-have photographer for custom portraiture.

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Keepsake Albums To Show Off Your Work Beautifully

Posted on June 27, 2015

albums for photographers

professional photographer albums

linen albums for photographers

professional linen albums

We love seeing photographers successfully selling keepsake heirlooms to their clients. Kathleen White of Kathleen Elizabeth Photography has a page on her site showing off her luxurious Design Aglow Albums. She shares, "I am so in love with the albums! There is just something about holding a physical album in your hand, and seeing the clients' story laid out beautifully.

The Design Aglow Albums FAQ and templates were very user friendly and I didn't have any trouble. The quality of the album is amazing! I spent a lot of time researching album companies and am so happy I decided to go with Design Aglow. Best decision ever."

Thanks for sharing, Kathleen! We love your approach and are so happy for your success. Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

Have you created something awesome with Design Aglow products? Feel free to send us images here. If we feature it on the blog you’ll get a $75 shopping spree at Design Aglow!

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Family Portraits: Invaluable Art

Posted on June 26, 2015

wholesale frames

wholesale frames for photographers

beautiful frames

simple custom frame gallery

Today we're taking a peek inside the home of Design Aglow's founder, Lena Hyde. "After reading even more evidence about the relationship between displaying family portraits and children’s feelings of well-being, I wanted to create a family wall gallery in the breakfast area of our kitchen, where our family of four eat almost all of our meals together. We recently had our annual family portrait session, with the Manchiks, and I had so many images to choose from! We already had an album with all our images, so I picked out my absolute favorites for this simple wall arrangement.

I printed the images as 16x20 mounted prints with my pro lab and framed them using 6 of Design Aglow’s silver Bella frames in 20x24 (which include mats sized to 16x20). These frames take under a minute to insert images; the design of the opening/closing mechanism is pure genius in function and simplicity!

This gallery is enjoyed every single day and reminds my kids that they are important and loved. There is absolutely no other art I would enjoy looking at more….nothing famous, nothing fancy, nothing from a gallery or museum. Portraits of my family are truly the most invaluable art."

Click here to start framing your own galleries today!

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