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the-big-picture-planner-design-aglow-040814-1 the-big-picture-planner-design-aglow-040814-2 the-big-picture-planner-design-aglow-040814-3 the-big-picture-planner-design-aglow-040814-4 the-big-picture-planner-design-aglow-040814-5

Rave reviews continue to pour in for The Big Picture Planner! Katrina of Katrina James – Photographer shares, “It was a really lovely experience for me, a symbolic starting of a conscience choice to get my stuff together. I took a trip to the stationary store and bought all my supplies, then spent an evening editing and printing out the parts I needed. I felt a real sense of accomplishment when it was done and couldn’t wait to start using it the very next day. Using my images and swapping out some of the quotes, switching some of the sections about gave me real ownership of the planner, it’s not just a generic product. It is also a work in progress as I figure out which parts work or me. And I loved that I could start at anytime of the year.

After finishing a small business management course it became very clear that the best path to success was filled with organization, I knew The Big Picture studio planner would be the thing to help me do it, and in style. I have been involved in photography for 13 years and getting organized and writing down exactly what it is that I want to achieve and then taking steps towards that has been the most impactful on my business. It takes everything out of my head and puts it somewhere I can see it. I couldn’t recommend this product enough.

It looks fantastic and I can edit it to match my style. For me, having things around me that I like and want to use makes all the difference. I travel a lot so am doing my work wherever I happen to be and this planner has become my bible keeping everything together.

Thanks for sharing, Katrina! Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

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pet marketing suite & prophoto blogsite are here!

pet-marketing-suite-040714-01 pet-marketing-suite-040714-14 pet-marketing-suite-040714-13 pet-marketing-suite-040714-12 pet-marketing-suite-040714-11 pet-marketing-suite-040714-10 pet-marketing-suite-040714-09 pet-marketing-suite-040714-07 pet-marketing-suite-040714-06 pet-marketing-suite-040714-04 pet-marketing-suite-040714-03 pet-marketing-suite-040714-02 pet-marketing-suite-040714-15 pet-marketing-suite-040714-17 pet-marketing-suite-040714-16

Wag more, bark less: the Pet Marketing Suite presents your pet portraiture as fine art and illustrates that despite your playful clients, you mean business! The classic colors & fonts mix with modern angles to highlight your pictures in an image-heavy layout. Convey to clients that you take pet photography seriously with this turnkey marketing suite, ready with everything you need to brand your studio as a pet photography boutique. All Photoshop PSD files are included, for the ultimate in customization.

The Pet Marketing Suite at a glance:
• Business cards
• Letterhead & envelopes
• Marketing brochure
• Price list
• Gift certificate
• Online branding
…and so much more!

*Special thanks to Leesia Teh Photography for the lovely images in our samples!

Check out the coordinating ProPhoto theme for even more seamless branding:


Join the hundreds of photographers who have already discovered how time-saving and helpful our all-inclusive suites are, like Sheryl of Flying Dogs Photography:


I’ve been looking for a really unique boutique look for my website for a long time and as soon as I saw Design Aglow’s pet photography website template, I knew I’d found the perfect fit. I found it extremely  customizable and I was able to drop in my own design elements, content and photos – easy peasy.  I love how all of Design Aglow’s tools make me look like I’ve got it all together. I really appreciate being able to control my own content and blog too. Thank you Design Aglow for making my business look fabulous!” – Flying Dogs Photography

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inspired words from erica jong


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fun, modern photography packaging

minimalist-packaging-040514-08 minimalist-packaging-040514-01 minimalist-packaging-040514-02 minimalist-packaging-040514-03 minimalist-packaging-040514-04 minimalist-packaging-040514-05minimalist-packaging-040514-06 minimalist-packaging-040514-07

Exhausted from sourcing and ordering your photography packaging–boxes, bags, wrapping, packets, tissue, and ribbons–each from a different vendor? Design Aglow is here to help!

Crecia of Crecia Page Photography shares her experience with the Design Aglow Paper Shop, “I wanted to create a cohesive and beautiful way to deliver my clients their collections while also promoting my wedding photography which is a newer part of my business. I collected images from my favorite and most recent stylized wedding session and then found the Design Aglow Paper Shop‘s products to be the most high-end and beautiful way to display my images as packaging after doing weeks of research. The rest was easy because Design Aglow’s templates are so easy to use.

I love packaging now. I used to find it burdensome and I was always disappointed in the quality of the packaging juxtaposed to my work, but now it’s fun, modern and beautiful just like the images inside. My client’s love it and it’s a great finishing touch. I’m sure they hold onto or recycle many of the pieces!

Thanks for sharing your success story, Crecia! Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

Products pictured above:
Packaging Accessories: Modern Minimalist™ Edition
Charcoal bags
Charcoal boxes
Natural ribbon
White tissue paper
Kraft Paper

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product spotlight: modern monogram kit

modern-monogram-kit-090913-01 modern-monogram-kit-090913-12 modern-monogram-kit-090913-02 modern-monogram-kit-090913-03 modern-monogram-kit-090913-05 modern-monogram-kit-090913-08 modern-monogram-kit-090913-09

Get personal with all of your clients with the handcrafted, hand-drawn Modern Monogram Kit. Its 25 completely customizable monograms, with streamlined fonts and fresh shapes, create a contemporary monogram shop in your studio, allowing you to brand virtually anything with your clients’ initials. Mix and match the 25 emblems with the 16 included PSD templates for a look that no client–from seniors to engaged couples, families to babies–will be able to resist. All of the included templates are fully-layered and preformatted: simply insert images and change the initials! But the Monogram Kit‘s uses don’t stop there. Use this monograms to refresh your marketing materials, energize old templates, and embellish your studio.

The Modern Monogram Kit at a glance:
• 25 monograms, delivered as both Custom Shape files and PSDs
• 16 fully editable PSD art, card, and product templates, for every occasion
• PDF reference sheet

Suggested uses for the Modern Monogram Kit:
• Logo enhancement
• Watermarks
• Client holiday cards, birth announcements, and graduation announcements
• Print embellishment
• Custom products by Your Studio Photography such as storyboards, calendars, thank you notes, albums, etc.

Click here to check it out in the shop!

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get a quick brand makeover without the price tag

logo-shop-033114-1 logo-shop-033114-2 logo-shop-033114-3 logo-shop-033114-4 logo-shop-033114-5 logo-shop-033114-6 logo-shop-033114-7 logo-shop-033114-8

We just added 25 brand new designs to the Logo Shop! You’re welcome.

Spring is a time for checking off those to-do boxes. While you’re at it, why not invest in a gentle (and affordable!) facelift for your brand? You’re sure to find a logo in our library of 50 unique and beautiful designs to match your brand’s story. Our strong, sophisticated illustrations were crafted by our team of in-house designers to offer you a powerful marketing tool that will save you time and money.

These logos are available as fully customizable vector files; the same format and quality you’d receive from a traditional designer with two key differences: a faster turnaround and much lower cost. Once you receive your file, you can customize the name, use any of the included palettes or textures, or even use your own fonts and colors – the possibilities are endless! As a bonus, you’ll get a stunning and in-depth tutorial with 13 pages of content to take you step-by-step through the process of personalizing your new logo to enhance your existing brand.

WHY YOU NEED A DESIGN AGLOW LOGO (aside from ‘they’re awesome’):
• Logos are sold in limited quantities of 50. Once 50 have been sold, you’ll see the logo disappear from the shop, never to be sold again.
• Only 51% of our customers are based in the U.S., which means the chances of you coming across a photographer with your logo in your town are very, very slim. And with limitless customization options, you can ensure yours is totally unique with just a few clicks.
• Photoshop file includes black & white versions, 3 color palettes, and textured version/Illustrator file includes black & white versions. What a steal!

Click here to cross “new logo” off your to-do list today!


The Design Aglow Logo Textures: Collection 2 (8 textures = $50 value) will be just the edge your logo needs to make an impact. Plus, you’ll get a detailed 5 page tutorial to take you step-by-step through the process of incorporating a texture into your new logo to make it rock.

Click here to get your hands on the Logo Textures: Collection 2 (and save an extra $5!) and start enhancing your new logo now!


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