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modern minimalist™ for animoto launches today


Inspired by our most popular Modern Minimalist™ Collection, Animoto’s newest style showcases your images in a beautiful slideshow while coordinating perfectly with your brand.

Animoto is an online and mobile video creation service for photographers that makes it easy (and fun!) to create and share extraordinary videos using your own  images, text, and even video… the options for included music are absolutely phenomenal!

Simply upload your images, and video if you desire, and add text and music and click the “Produce Video” button. Animoto’s cinematic technology then creates a beautifully orchestrated production within minutes. Share with clients, friends, and the world….it’s stunning marketing for your studio in a snap!

Click here to see the potential and start turning your own photos into rich videos powered by Design Aglow + Animoto. We think you will fall in love~

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color pop accessories are here!

color-pop-accessories-071514-01 color-pop-accessories-071514-02 color-pop-accessories-071514-03 color-pop-accessories-071514-04 color-pop-accessories-071514-05 color-pop-accessories-071514-06 color-pop-accessories-071514-07

Presentation is everything! You know that joyful look on your clients’ faces when you present them with their finished products? Take your packaging to the next level with stylish details in bright pops of color. Introducing our new line of Color Pop Packaging Accessories, featuring hip and lively gift tags, bookmarks and stickers – all totally customizable. These happy little treasures are the perfect complement to your brand… and your Design Aglow Paper Shop bags and boxes!

Make your packages shine by personalizing accessories for each client, or keep a stash of stickers on hand. Either way, the Color Pop design will enhance your colorful personality and delightful studio reputation. To tie it all together, check out The Design Aglow Paper Shop for all your packaging needs.

You can even upsell, or offer as an order incentive, these fun products to your clients as stickers, tags and bookmarks for unique gifts to family and friends. Or repurpose the templates for no-cost web, blog & social media promotions! Click here to get started today!

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product spotlight – wedding guest request cards: no cameras please

Wedding Guest Request Cards No Cameras Photoshop Templates For Photographers 4Wedding Guest Request Cards No Cameras Photoshop Templates For Photographers 3Wedding Guest Request Cards No Cameras Photoshop Templates For Photographers 2Wedding Guest Request Cards No Cameras Photoshop Templates For Photographers 1

One of the most significant moments for a newlywed couple is the first time they see their wedding photos…that is of course unless their images have already been tainted by all the amateur photographers and ‘facebook posters’ at the event. Solve the issues surrounding and avoid the camera-happy ‘Uncle Bobs’ forever by offering your clients our Wedding Request Cards.

Perfectly and politely phrase the bride and groom’s request that all of the photography taken on their wedding day remain in the hands of the photographer. With our well-worded, elegantly designed card, your clients can eliminate distracted guests and spoiled photos.

• Capture guests enjoying themselves instead of fumbling with technology
• Help avoid unflattering images surfacing on social media platforms
• Preserve the excitement for all of the special images you capture of the day
• Have the total attention of your subjects during formals and other important moments of the day
• The bride and groom will thank you for helping to keep their guests mentally present

TESTIMONIAL: “I loved that at the end of the day there were no hideous camera phone images of my wedding floating around on Facebook or any other social media sites. We were so excited to receive our images because we had no idea what anything looked like except from memory. It was great to see everyone’s faces in the photos I did receive instead of a bunch of cameras and flashes waving around, and we didn’t have to worry about posing for hours so every guest could get their shot.”  -Lauren C. (Happy Bride)

Click here to see it in the shop!

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the senior style album is here!

senior-album-070714-01 senior-album-070714-02 senior-album-070714-03 senior-album-070714-04 senior-album-070714-05 senior-album-070714-06 senior-album-070714-07 senior-album-070714-08 senior-album-070714-09 senior-album-070714-10

Double the value of your next senior portrait session with the compliment of a full color, 30 page 10×10 album. Designed with presentation as well as functionality in mind, the album is equipped to be easily customizable to suit any company’s specifications, and bundled actions help insert your images in minutes.

Our modern layout is designed to display senior portraits, but would work well with a multitude of sessions. Try it out with your next baby or family portrait session and see what a positive reaction you get.

Your clients will rave about the stylish presentation of their senior portrait session, and cherish it for years to come.

Click here to get yours today!

Special thanks to Stephanie Neal Photography, Hatch Photography, Kristie Bradley Photography and Hint of Whimsy for the lovely images in our sample.

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Say Hello to the Design Aglow Paper Shop


Photographers: your paper chase is over. No more sourcing your boxes, bags, wrapping, packets, tissue, and ribbons from different vendors. We’re simplifying your packaging solutions with our one-stop packaging shop.

That’s right: the Design Aglow Paper Shop is ready to take your order! Head over to the shop for simple, modular, eco-friendly packaging thoughtfully created for busy photographers like you.

Some Paper Shop highlights:

  • Affordable, high quality photo boxes & bags in three core colors

  • A money-saving solution for wrapping any odd-sized product, frame, album, and canvas–giant rolls of kraft paper!

  • Custom designed folders created just for Design Aglow’s Welcome Packets

  • Vibrant tissue and ribbon to coordinate with any brand

  • The exclusive Charcoal collection of boxes and bags–so much more chic than glossy black

  • Impeccable eco credentials, with products made from materials like grass pulp and methods like hydroelectricity. Special embossed seals let your clients know you care about the planet

  • No minimum order

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Custom embossing coming next week!

Once you receive your first order, be sure to post pictures to our Facebook page. We’d love to see how you’ve made this packaging work for your business.

For first access to custom embossing and other exclusive offers and resources, sign up here.


The new face of Design Aglow is here!

We are thrilled to announce the new Face of Design Aglow!

Over the past three weeks, we have received over 100 submissions from inspired photographers from around the planet in response to our Face of Design Aglow and Ultimate Studio Makeover competition. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, your beautiful images and your kind words. We loved “meeting” all of you!

It was no easy task for our team, but we have selected a winner. Drumroll…….


Say Hello to April Zelenka, the new Face of Design Aglow for the next 12 months!

Name: April Zelenka

Location: Madison, WI

Website URL:

About April:

Hello! I’m a graphic designer by weekday and wedding photography by weekend. I’m an antique hunter, flea market fanatic, and creative junkie. I never leave my house without my sketchbook or my camera.

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with a heart condition and became an advocate and media spokesperson for the American Heart Association. Being able to share my story with other people was one of greatest privileges and experiences. I love to share my journey of ups and downs, hopes and dreams of my photography business. The past three years have been a roller coaster of emotions and tough decisions, but I’m learning as I go. My passion for photography and being creative runs deep in my veins and each day I learn something new.

I aim to be an open book to struggles and successes of a young ambitious business owner. And yes, I may crack a few jokes along the way. I pride myself in being pretty funny :-).

How long have you been a professional photographer? 3 years

Favorite Design Aglow product:Modern Minimalist Welcome Packet

If you could shoot anywhere in the world, where would it be: Ireland. On the cliffside. At dusk.

Dogs or cats: Dogs. Big dogs!

Where do you see yourself in one year: There have been quite a few changes in the past year. I bought a house. I quit a job that restricted creative freedom. I discovered a love of iced coffee & muffins. I became a godmother to the sweetest little girl.

With all of the said, I’m ready to make some more changes in life, especially in my business. I’d love to plan out the next year so I can do wedding photography full-time and make a profit! I love my job as a graphic designer, but more so I love working with my brides & grooms! I am a hopeless romantic after all. In a year I hope to have a gorgeous website full of amazing blog content, have pricing I can feel confident in, and create work that I truly feel proud of. I want to kick self doubt to the curb! It’s much easier said than done, but one day at a time.


As our way thanking April for jumping on board as our featured photographer, avatar, and all-around go-to up and coming pro photographer, we are investing in her success. She will be receiving this fantastic Ultimate Studio Makeover courtesy of some of the best brands in our business:

Design Aglow —

• Shopping Spree at ($1000)
Frame Shop Show & Sell Kit ($100)
Prophoto Blogsite Design ($85)
Paper Shop Packaging Starter Kit ($35)
• Design Aglow Profile Picture for one year (priceless!)

Clickin Moms

• 2 year Subscription to Click Magazine ($30)
• 6 month Clickin Moms Forum Membership ($30)
• 1 Click Away Registration ($399)

Kelly Moore Bag

• (1) Kelly Moore Bag (up to $249)


• Preveal iOS App ($75)
• Salesographer ($129)


• Lab Credit ($250)


• (1) 12×12 Sample Playbook album with 10 spreads/20 page sides ($100)
• (1) 11×14 Sample Marilyn Image Box with 10 Matted Lustre Prints ($100)
• (2) 8×10 Fine Art Xhibit Prints mounted in 11×14 mats ($100)

Holdfast Gear

• Camera Strap

The Define School

• Choice of any (1) class in the month of September (up to $400 value)


And meet our Honorable Mention Photographers, who we thought demonstrated lots of inspiration, talent, and overall awesomeness.

Each will receive a $75 shopping spree to the Design Aglow Shop.


Pictured: Sam Anglin, Kara Mercer, Kelly Bowie, Karissa Van Tassel, Mary Schiavoni, Amanda Long, Erin Schmidt, Erika Blackwell, Brittny Debonis, and Shelby Schmidt

Again, thanks to all who participated! We are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community of artists and innovators.

Cheers To Your Success!

~Design Aglow

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