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studio referral cards for easy marketing

Today’s share comes from Anna of Anna Dammert Photography. She writes, “I used the Cotton Candy Birth Announcements to improvise a studio referral card with a photo. All I had to do was modify the colors and size of the template and voilá – my card was ready. This is such an easy way to keep studio referral cards fresh and contemporary! I love the simple yet elegant design, and the fact that I can use the template with different photos and matching colors for various client groups to differentiate marketing to those groups. I’ll slip this card into my client’s goodie bag with the finished products, or use in retail marketing. Vendors have been happy to feature my cards in their stores, as they are so well designed and nice to look at. I just visited a local flower shop and was happy to see that there they were, my cards right on the transaction counter where they are seen by all!”

Thanks for the lovely share, Anna! Enjoy your $75 gift certificate~

CATEGORIES: Inspiration
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