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photo design project: father’s day

Want to show the man in your life what a truly special father he is with a unique gift from the heart? We have the perfect project for you from the lovely do-it-yourself expert, Ashley Campbell:

My husband is an incredible dad to our four children, but despite how wonderful I think he is I struggle every year coming up with a Father’s Day gift. I like to celebrate him as a father, but don’t want to give him a corny dad gift that he’ll never use or wear. Using the Interactive Guest Book album, I created a gift that both I think he’ll enjoy receiving and fits in a Father’s Day theme. I might just have to reuse this gift idea for every Father’s Day!

Here’s how I created mine:
Using the Interactive Guest Book album as my design I changed the wording to focus on the role my husband plays as a dad. I used the Free Speech product on my cover instead of a photo. For the title page I wrote a Father’s Day letter. The rest of the pages are thoughts and drawings my children took turns filling out.

I made my questions to fit the ages and personalities of my children. My older boys wrote their answers while I filled in the blanks for my younger two. The book is a great reflection of how my kids view their daddy at this stage in life. You can create your questions and pages to fit your children and their ages.

Here are some of the text items I included:
What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?
What is daddy’s favorite food?
How strong is your daddy?
What makes daddy smile?
What was daddy like as a little boy?
What is daddy’s favorite thing to do with you?
How do you know daddy loves you?
How does daddy know you love him?
I love daddy because…

“Draw a picture of you and daddy.”

“How would you describe your daddy?”

“Why is daddy better than Darth Vader or a Jedi Knight?”

“Daddy’s hands will always be bigger!”

“Why does mommy love daddy?”

“How old is daddy? What is daddy’s name? Who does daddy love? What does daddy do?”
father's day photo templates

Hopefully that gets some creative ideas sparked for your own Father’s Day gifts. For clients you could come up with a set list of questions and offer these to clients searching for a unique Father’s Day gift. Enjoy celebrating the dads around you…

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