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creating a luxury photography experience, from start to finish

Did you know that in addition to Photoshop and InDesign actions and templates, stunning articles, turn-key selling kits, heirloom products and intelligent marketing tools, Design Aglow also offers beautiful frames and photography packaging?

frame-shop-catalog_082013 design-aglow-frame-shop-collection-4-metro_06 design-aglow-frame-shop-woodworks-gallery-1_07

Gorgeous, modern photography deserves an equally gorgeous, modern display. Design Aglow believes that there is great value–both for your clients’ walls, and your business–in selling a polished final product. We understand that professional wedding and portrait photographers need sleek frames to enhance their clients’ imagery, and simple solutions for selling those frames to their clientele. Our frame shop offers both. We provide affordable, California-made frames to elegantly present your finished work, and support them with resources to help you earn additional revenue on every sale, with minimal work. Our line of low-profile, high-impact frames is designed to complement any decor–classic, modern, beachy, or rustic. Their clean style ensures that the frames don’t compete with the image, but enhance and elevate it. Made in California with sustainable American materials, real glass (not plexi!), and acid-free mats, the frames’ quality construction ensures that your photography will remain an heirloom once hung in your clients’ homes.

“I love these frames because they are simple and keep the focus on the images. The collection made it easy for me to visualize how the layout would look in my space and decide which images to use. Clients, family and friends always comment on this wall display. They want to know how they can get something like this, too!” – Julie, Photo Jewels Photography

packaging-station packaging-accessories-minimalist-111313-1 hand-lettered-packaging-accessories-120213-5 hand-lettered-packaging-accessories-120213-3

Photographers: your paper chase is over. No more sourcing your boxes, bags, wrapping, packets, tissue, and ribbons from different vendors. We’re simplifying your packaging solutions with our one-stop packaging shop!

Some Paper Shop highlights:
• Affordable, high quality photo boxes & bags in three core colors
• A money-saving solution for wrapping any odd-sized product, frame, album, and canvas–giant rolls of kraft paper!
• Custom designed folders created just for Design Aglow’s Welcome Packets
• Vibrant tissue and ribbon to coordinate with any brand
• The exclusive Charcoal collection of boxes and bags–so much more chic than glossy black
• Impeccable eco credentials, with products made from materials like grass pulp and methods like hydroelectricity. Special embossed seals let your clients know you care about the planet
• No minimum order
• Worldwide shipping

“As a Wedding and Portrait Photography I believe every experience between clients and business owner should be flawless, from start to finish. Thanks to Design Aglow I have the confidence in offering a quality product next to my passion for photography.” – Chris J. Pierre Photography

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eye-catching frame collections that sell themselves

design-aglow-frame-shop-display-011813-01 design-aglow-frame-shop-display-011813-02

Envisioning a wall gallery can be a daunting task, especially in your own home. Your trouble is over…the Design Aglow Frame Shop has done the work for you! Julie of Photo Jewels Photography shares, “My goal was to update my existing wall display above my piano in my own home. Many clients walk by this display as they enter my home studio, and so I feel it’s important for it to be striking and eye-catching. It also helps them to visualize ways to decorate with art from their session. Previously, this wall showcased float wraps from one of my labs. It was 3 years old & only had 4 of our 5 family members in the photos! It was time for an update. I had considered doing canvas, but then wanted more flexibility. I knew I would want to update this same wall again in a few years, as my boys grew. So, that brought me to framing and looking for a layout that would fit my space, style and budget. Lo & behold, Design Aglow opened its Frame Shop just in time, and offered the layout I was looking for!

I used the Grab n Go Collection 4 in Woodworks Espresso. I love these frames because they are simple and keep the focus on the images. The predetermined collection made it easy for me to visualize how the layout would look in my space and decide which images to use. The style of frame is clean and blends in well with the decor of my home. I feel this look would work well in my clients’ homes as well. The frames arrived packaged well, damage free, and were easy to assemble. I loved the factory paper prints and quotes that were included when I opened the box! They were so pretty, I almost wanted to keep them! I ordered the frames with mats and while I am using them with my current display, I like the idea that I can remove them down the road, if I’d prefer for my print to fill up the entire frame. Finally, it was definitely a plus that I was able to get a 15% discount on my prints from ProPDI with my purchase – which is the only lab that matches my monitor perfectly! Happy camper! Clients, family and friends – whomever is in my home – always comment on this wall display. They want to know how they can get something like this, too! I should also give credit to my friend Tammy Williams at Clarity Photography for the gorgeous images!”

Thanks for sharing your beautiful display, Julie! Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

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the frame shop’s show & sell kits make great holiday gifts!

show-and-sell-holiday-gifts-112013-1 show-and-sell-holiday-gifts-112013-2 show-and-sell-holiday-gifts-112013-3

Macaroons for client holiday treats? Gift certificates for vendors?

Those ideas are so 2012.

The freshest holiday gift for 2013? Frames. Present your friends and fans with a gift that will sit on their desk all year long: a beautifully framed portrait using the 4×6” frames from our Show & Sell Kit. Each kit includes 11 different frames–one of every style found in the Frame Shop–so that you can tailor each gift to the lucky recipient.

From a client and vendor perspective, highlighting your favorite capture from a recent wedding, portrait session, or styled shoot is flattering for them too! And signing each portrait emphasizes that these gifts are tiny works of art; your top ten clients and fave vendors, venues, and wedding planners will love the personalized touch.

Costing less than $15 each (including the cost of prints, handwritten cards, and wrapping), gifts from the Frame Shop are an affordable way to send warm holiday wishes–and keep you on the radar–in the new year.

Wondering where you can get something from the image above? You can find them here:
BagTissue PaperRibbonPhoto BordersPackaging Sticker

*Special thanks to Elizabeth Messina Photography (frames) and Erich McVey Photography (sticker) for the lovely images in our samples.

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how to sell frame collections


Frame collections are like the final frontier of photography sales: not only do you have to convince clients that they need to display themselves BIG on the wall, but you also must sway them to purchase multiple versions of themselves (client with spouse, client with one kid, client with other kid, client with entire family, etc.) in order to tell their family or wedding story. It can be a hard sell…unless you know what you’re doing. Here are our field-tested steps for selling a frame collection to every client–portrait or wedding–that walks through your door.

1) Plant the seed. To prepare clients for a wall gallery purchase, you must discuss the outcome of their session every step of the way, from your very first phone call. And the goal of any session should always be…art! Design Aglow offers fantastic (free!) resources for you to share, such as our recent “Conversations with Clients: Why Photographic Art Matters.

Here’s some sample verbiage to start laying the groundwork: “What I envision for all my clients are wall galleries, composed of both family and individual portraits, and small family groupings for them to see and enjoy every day (and albums to collect).”

Giving your clients the lovely Client Order Planning Guide: Fine Art Style in their welcome packet also helps them visualize what a gallery might look like on their walls, and makes a statement about considering walls where a frame gallery might go.

2) Pre-design galleries using your clients’ images. Use selling products–like the Design Aglow Inspire Guides–to illustrate a clients’ actual gallery on their own walls, using photographs of their own home. As photographers, we often take vision for granted, while our clients need someone else to create that vision for them (which is exactly why they hire us!). Inserting session images into the included PSD files, which is well worth your effort, will bridge the gap between the idea of a wall gallery, and making that wall gallery a reality.

3) Show what you want to sell. Turn your studio into a showpiece gallery by displaying gorgeous Grab & Go Collections on your own walls. Don’t have a dedicated selling space? No problem. Our portable Show & Sell Kit allows you to bring all 11 styles of frames you offer directly to your clients, in adorable 4×6” versions. Bonus: by seeing how petite a 4×6” frame is, clients will realize how much more impactful a wall gallery will be.

4) Offer design services. As a complimentary bonus for orders over $X, you’ll hand-deliver and install clients’ artwork. For busy families and design-challenged newlywed couples, this reduces the intimidation factor of actually getting the frames up on the walls! While you offer many ideas for wall frame arrangement, this helpful guide will highlight the infinite possibilities for them.

5) Look to the future. Sell your clients on the other benefits of creating wall galleries: because they’re modular, galleries can be built out over time, added on to with each new photo session. And because you view your role as a photographer that will chronicle their family for a lifetime, you’ll help them create frame collections that can be passed down to their children. (PS…don’t forget the albums! Beautiful books are great for collecting and will show the history of their family as they grow.)

We can’t wait to hear how these tips help you sell galleries with ease. Connect with us on Facebook, or send us your success story here.

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the top ten: frame sales tools


Decorating a home with framed photographic art can be an overwhelming experience, especially for clients unsure of styles and sizes, and photographers unsure of how to incorporate frame collections into their current offerings. But one of your roles as professional photographer is to serve as a guide to framing, so that you can as earn much revenue as possible from each booking and guarantee that your images are (literally) displayed in the best possible light. To optimize your success, Design Aglow has created a suite of resources to make the frame sales process painless and efficient.

Never sold a frame in your life? These ten tools will get you ready to start.

1. Frame Shop Sales Catalog & Lookbook
2. Frame Shop Price List
3. Copyright & Authentication Bundle
4. Selling A Showpiece Portrait: Client Guide
5. Studio Order Form
6. Show & Sell Kit
7. Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers
8. Cropping Guide
9. Client Care Cards
10. Preveal Wall Gallery Planner

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The Frame Shop’s Grab & Go Collections Are Now Available in the Preveal App!

We're guessing that you're so in love with our frames that you can't wait to get them on your clients' walls. You've already ordered a Show & Sell Kit to illustrate all of the frames' styles and finishes, because you know that, well, you sell what you show. You may have even purchased a Grab & Go Collection to beautifully display sample images in your studio (although we wouldn't blame you if you grabbed an extra collection to hang in your own home). And of course you've prepped your clients for the sales meeting with our guide to Selling A Showpiece Portrait, so they're ready to buy big.

The Preveal iPad app is the tool that can bridge the gap between “ooh, we like those,” to “ooh, we need those.” We've sung the praises of Preveal before; their technology puts a “handheld sales room” into the houses and hearts of your clients, allowing them to envision your wall clusters on their own walls.


And with lightning speed, Preveal has created our Frame Shop's Grab & Go Collections as a new download from their Community, absolutely free! Now you can have your clients take well composed, properly scaled images of their home's future wall gallery location (for easy-to-use instructions, check out our Preveal Wall Gallery Planner), and drop their images into frames that they can see digitally hanging on their own walls.

Mind blowing, we know–both Preveal's technology, and the fact that you can make up to 35% on each sale by adding on frames. We're sold, and your clients will be too.

Visit Preveal's website for more info on their app and your free Preveal Grab & Go Collection download.




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