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april packaging inspiration for photographers


Attention to detail and unique packaging is one of the many ways you can set yourself apart from the rest and show your clients you care. Using our Paper Shop packaging, a few of our marketing resources, and some details collected from craft stores and our own backyard, we’ve put together an inspiration board that’s sure to give you a few ideas for your next portrait delivery. See below for details:

1. Mini white bag, pistachio tissue paper, business card from the Loft Marketing Suite
2. 5×7 kraft box, sticker from the Loft Marketing Suite, black wax seal, pistachio ribbon, pistachio tissue paper, rope
3. Small charcoal welcome folder, Limon tissue paper, Navajo Turquoise ribbon, mini square accordion album from the Portrait Welcome Packet: Classic Edition
4. Small kraft welcome folder,  4×5.5 accordion card from the Loft Marketing Suite, navajo turquoise ribbon, plant from outside our studio
5. Large white welcome folder, gift certificate from the Loft Marketing Suite, pistachio ribbon
6. Medium kraft bag, mini wallet accordion album from the Wedding Welcome Packet: Modern Minimalist Edition, baby maize ribbon, sky blue tissue paper, camera rubber stamp from Paper Source
7. Mini charcoal bag, white tissue paper, sticker from the Loft Marketing Suite, pistachio ribbon
8. Kraft 8×10 box, “thank you” stamp from Paper Source, flower from outside our studio, hemp cord
9. 5×7 white box, thin hemp cord, ivory wax seal, card from the Wedding Welcome Packet: Modern Minimalist Edition

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plant a tree with us today


One of the things we love about our new Portland home is the collective emphasis on sustainability and a genuine concern for the environment. The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest has obviously inspired locals to care, to take action, to protect the natural beauty surrounding them. From multiple trash/recycle/compost bin options in every restaurant and coffee shop to chicken coops and even goats(!) adorning city backyards aplenty, the name of the game here is conservation and preservation. Additionally, we’re seeing this positive trend hit the design and technology spheres, as hard copies are becoming a thing of the past and the Cloud becomes the Internet’s new output folder. Here at Design Aglow, many of our most renowned innovations for the professional photographer happen to be digital products. We stand by reducing our carbon footprint and we believe in making this planet a healthier and more sustainable place for future generations.

This Earth Day: Design Aglow is proud to announce we are planting a tree for every order over $50 that comes through our site (Frame Shop and Paper Shop included) from now until midnight PST on April 23rd, 2014 (48 hours!)

Partner with us and stand for something meaningful, something that will last as long as the memories you capture with your camera. As a thank you, we’ll send you our exclusive tree buddy badge (see above) you can add to your blog or website to let your readers know you’ve partnered with Design Aglow to make a difference this Earth Day. Click here to help us make both your business and the planet a little better.




inside real studios: michelle arnold portraits

inside-real-studios-map-042114-1 inside-real-studios-map-042114-2 inside-real-studios-map-042114-3 inside-real-studios-map-042114-4

Today we take a peek inside the studio of Michelle Arnold Photography:

In what kind of space is your studio located?

Square footage

How long have you been there?
Since February 2014

What makes your studio special?
My studio is in a historic building downtown which just creates a different feel than a brand new building. I love the mix of the old and new. I love the creaky stairs my clients walk up and then they turn the corner into my beautiful, welcoming studio.

How has it helped your business?
Having a studio space is an extension of yourself; an extension of your brand. I loved creating a space my clients would enjoy being photographed in. And the extra special seating area for reviewing their proofs has such an elegant feel, yet quite comfortable. It’s a happy, inviting space that I love to be in (and so do my clients).

Do you have any tips for opening a studio?
To have a studio doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on rent. Keep hunting! You can look around in your area for spaces that you could adjust to work for you. While my new studio space isn’t large, it was the next logical step in my business. I’d love to have a huge loft type space for a studio, but that’s not practical for me at this point in my business. One day! Having any type of physical presence in your town makes a big difference and adds to your credibility as a professional.

What products do you sell the most?
Clients love my new light boxes for their images. It’s such an interesting and sophisticated way to turn their portraits into something really unique.

Do you use Design Aglow products in your studio? If so, which product(s), and how have they helped your sales?
I love using the Modern Minimalist™ templates from Design Aglow for my Client Welcome Packet. It’s an easy way to make an impact.

Do you have a great space you would like to share with our community? We would love to hear from you and possibly peek into your world. Simply visit this link and we will guide you through the quick submission process.

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inspired words from estee lauder


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set yourself apart in your local with marketing that shines

wedding-photography-welcome-packet-magazine-041914-1 wedding-photography-welcome-packet-magazine-041914-2 wedding-photography-welcome-packet-magazine-041914-3 wedding-photography-welcome-packet-magazine-041914-4

You don’t need a PR manager and an expensive marketing campaign to get noticed. The eye-catching, yet cost-effective Modern Minimalist™ Wedding Studio Magazine and Welcome Packet provides the perfect platform to highlight your skills in style and simultaneously establish an associated sense of professionalism.

Natalie of Natalie Franke Photography shares, “Over the past few years, I’ve been continuing to build an even better experience for my clients. Among my goals for the new year – I made it a priority to finally create a Booking Packet to welcome new couples into the Natalie Franke Photography family! After purchasing the Design Aglow Wedding Welcome Packet and Magazine – I went to work making the booklet and additional materials my own! I absolutely LOVE how my Welcome Packets show off my images and share important information with my couples! Having beautiful materials like these sets me apart in my local market and allows me to offer my brides an extraordinary experience from the very start!

Thanks for sharing, Natalie! Enjoy your shopping spree on us~

Have you created anything lately from Design Aglow products? Feel free to send us images here. If we feature it on the blog you’ll get a $75 shopping spree at Design Aglow!

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how to go completely paperless, today

IPAD_MOCKUP_6 FormsChange2 birth-announcement-worksheet-041614-01

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all about simplifying your life and business as effectively and beautifully as possible. Not only do we strive to continuously offer the latest in creative empowerment, but we want to make your experience using the products we’re so proud of as seamless and rewarding as possible — channeling into a clearer conversation between you and your clients. On that note, we are excited to announce our new Interactive Adobe Acrobat PDF and Interactive InDesign file*, an addition to all the forms in our Shop like the Essential Wedding Information Form and the Studio Order Form (we know you love that one!).
*Interactive InDesign file compatible with the Creative Cloud only

All of our forms now come with Interactive PDF files (stock header image included) that you can send straight to your clients to complete from the comfort of their own computer or mobile device, like their iPad or iPhone! No more messy paperwork or trying to figure out how to create an online web form for clients to use. Simply download, add your studio information in Adobe Acrobat (full tutorial included) and send off to be completed! It’s literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Upgrade for only $10: To upgrade your forms from the previous Minimalist version, please email us at “” with a copy of your receipt of purchase and we will gladly get you the new bonus PDF!

Click here to see all of the Studio Forms & Contracts in the shop and start powering your workflow with the click of a button!

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