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how a photographer sells frames to 75% of her clients, the easy way

design-aglow-frame-shop-elizabeth-clark-photography-071814-1 design-aglow-frame-shop-elizabeth-clark-photography-071814-2 design-aglow-frame-shop-elizabeth-clark-photography-071814-3 design-aglow-frame-shop-elizabeth-clark-photography-071814-5 design-aglow-frame-shop-elizabeth-clark-photography-071814-6 design-aglow-frame-shop-elizabeth-clark-photography-071814-4 DesignAglowFrameSubmission_ElizabethClarkPhotographyCambridgeMA_0006

Gorgeous, modern photography deserves an equally gorgeous, modern display. Design Aglow believes that there is great value–both for your clients’ walls, and your business–in selling a polished final product. We understand that professional wedding and portrait photographers need sleek frames to enhance their clients’ imagery, and simple solutions for selling those frames to their clientele. Our frame shop offers both. We provide affordable, California-made frames to elegantly present your finished work, and support them with resources to help you earn additional revenue on every sale, with minimal work.

Elizabeth of Elizabeth Clark Photography shares, “When Design Aglow debuted their Frame Shop last year, I was immediately intrigued. I knew there was a desire from clients to have me frame their pieces, but I couldn’t figure out a financial and time-efficient way to deliver what they wanted. But I had a feeling that these frames would work really well, and I was right!

For my sample walls I used two grab-and-go wall collections – one in Gold Bella and one in Barn Grey Woodworks. I also use the Frame Shop Catalog & Lookbook, which I printed through MagCloud. All the frames along the wall are for two client orders that I am about to fill!

Since putting them up on my studio walls and creating a catalog from the downloadable template, I have sold frame collections at 75% of my client sales meetings. I have also used some for my own home. Selling these has allowed my clients to receive a product ready for the wall, instead of having to do the extra step of going to a framer themselves or settling for mounted prints (most of my clients tend to like the more traditional look of prints matted in frames, which is my personal favorite display option for photographic art as well).

One little sales tactic I use with these frames – I only sell them in sets of three or as the other pre-made wall collections. This way, I don’t have extra frames sitting in storage… but even better than that, I get more images up on my clients’ walls. All of my sessions are taken with the goal to tell a story, and I mention that putting up frames in a triptych or collection is the best way to do this in a home. It has worked so far!”

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! We love your approach and are so happy for your success. Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

Have you created something awesome with Design Aglow products? Feel free to send us images here. If we feature it on the blog you’ll get a $75 shopping spree at Design Aglow!

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Photographers: Let’s Create Your Very Own Custom Packaging


So many photographers have been asking for it…..and today, we are happy to announce the Design Aglow Paper Shop is now offering beautiful, affordable, custom embossing for our entire modular line of eco luxe photo boxes, bags, and presentation envelopes!

That’s right, friends. We are up and running and even offering you a sweet deal to get started today. For the next 7 days, you can create a free custom studio die ($50 value) with your first embossing purchase of $50 or more. Your custom die will allow us to customize all of your packaging in the future, with your very own studio name or logo.

Have questions? Learn what embossing is, how it’s different from letterpress, and how you can get all your packaging embossed for one low price in our Embossing FAQ Guide.

Ready to create your free studio logo die ($50 value) for free? It’s easy (and fast too)!

1. Add the Embossing Starter Package to your cart

2. Add any products (bags, boxes, folders) you would like embossed to your cart. The Embossing Starter Package includes unlimited embossing for your first order, so add to your heart’s content! You can also add non-embossable products like tissue and ribbon.

3. Apply code “EMBOSS” during checkout. This code will discount your order by $50, making the creation of your die absolutely FREE!
(note: the code will only work if you have the Embossing Starter Package in your cart)

Ready? Click here to get started and create your own custom luxe packaging today!

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Design Aglow brings home FIVE Hot One Awards for 2014!

We are so excited.

The Design Aglow Paper Shop AND The Design Aglow Frame Shop have both been recognized by PPA’s Professional Photographer magazine as 2014 Hot One award winners for the categories of photography packaging and framing. Woohoo!!



Given to products that exhibit “exceptional quality, innovation, design and performance as judged by a distinguished panel of industry experts,” Hot One Awards represent the best of the business, and we’re honored to be recognized as such.


Additionally, the Design Aglow Posing Guide has also won for best photography book. If you have not already snagged a copy, you can grab it on Amazon or in your local bookstore. We are super proud of it.


The Modern Minimalist Studio Magazine won the studio marketing category! This is a fantastic marketing asset, professionally written and designed, to be used in print or online.


And finally, our Modern Minimalist Welcome Packet won for best presentation template. We are so happy to have this Design Aglow original product recognized as the critical resource it is for thousands of pro photographers around the world.

Giant thanks again, to PPA’s Professional Photographer Magazine for recognizing our hard work and efforts! Like PPA, we aim to support photographers with a myriad of exceptional resources and elevate our industry to the highest possible level.

We are going to celebrate with some ice cream now~

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inside real studios: ryaphotos

inside-real-studios-design-aglow-ria-dunklee-071614-01 inside-real-studios-design-aglow-ria-dunklee-071614-02 inside-real-studios-design-aglow-ria-dunklee-071614-05inside-real-studios-design-aglow-ria-dunklee-071614-03 inside-real-studios-design-aglow-ria-dunklee-071614-04  inside-real-studios-design-aglow-ria-dunklee-071614-06b

Today we’re taking a peek inside the beautiful studio of Rya Duncklee of ryaphotos.

In what kind of space is your studio located, and where?
Residential, in Jacksonville, Florida

Square footage

How long have you been there?
1 year

What makes your studio special?
I just love all of the natural light that floods into the space, especially in the early morning hours. I’m an avid adventure traveler and waterbug so I love that I was able to incorporate my favorite serene color palette throughout the space. I’m located in Florida and water is such a big part of my life here that I wanted the space to reflect that. The framed photo that leads your eye into the office was a gift from my husband of one of my favorite images from a trip we took to Hawaii (which actually inspired me to pursue my passion for photography full time). I love that this space houses this image to remind me of how far I’ve come and why I’m doing what I do. I’m especially proud of my creations of the two organizational spaces within the office. Organization is key in a small space. The back wall houses all of my industry magazines in one nice neat place along the top shelf while the other shelves hold meaningful little treasures that I’ve collected along the way, including a copy of one of my favorite books. The containers along the bottom shelf house most of my packaging and client wrapping materials so that I can get a client order ready to go in no time. On the opposite wall, the other organization/wrapping station proudly displays my mounted NAPCP award-winning image. I like to keep this in site so that I can easily glance at it when I’m feeling the need for some motivation. The opposite wall also houses the rest of my client packaging, including gift boxes and ribbons and stickers. I created a dry erase board to streamline my workflow and placed it prominently above the wrapping station for easy access, adding a frame to it to tie it into the rest of the room. I used another frame in that area to create a homemade cork board that I use to keep track of the season’s promotions that I run as well as an easy-to-find place for my color wheel. I like to keep my desk clutter free so I don’t keep much on that, just a journal for creating. On my computer desktop, I have a template that I use to house all of my folders and current items I’m working on and I also built a favorite quote into the template so that I could start each day with a little inspiration and motivation.

How has it helped your business?
I’m primarily an on-location photographer who travels regularly and sometimes even internationally for my client sessions and I do in-person ordering sessions at client homes so my studio is mainly my office. My goal in creating this space was to make it more of a workspace than a place where I would take clients. I wanted to make the space my personal sanctuary where I could slip off to when I’m feeling inspired and in the mood to create as well as have a place that I could hunker down and work for a few hours or a few days when things get crazy busy. It is so much easier to create and work in a space that reflects who I am and what I do. It’s helped me streamline my workflow, inspire creativity, and drastically reduce the time spent sifting through folders, wrapping client orders, editing, etc. It helps me to get it done and get back to my family and my life. My main goal for this space was to create a retreat that would inspire my art and it does just that by giving me a clutter-free workspace (and mind!).

Do you have any tips for opening a studio?
As much as I would love to have a big commercial space, having a small in-house studio gives me total freedom and flexibility when I plan out my calendar. The type of photography that I do requires me to be on the go all the time so this setup works perfectly for me at this point in my career. If you are planning to shoot in a studio, make sure you have enough natural light and keep the old adage in mind that less is more. You don’t need a ton of space, if you streamline and keep things minimal it all works.

What products do you sell the most?
I recently changed my business to a more boutique studio, so now I sell mostly digital collections, canvas wall displays, framed prints, and the occasional heirloom album. I try to build my business organically through word of mouth so I also include a web version of my client galleries so that clients can show off their ryaphotos to their friends and family, helping me even further promote my business.

Do you use Design Aglow products in your studio? If so, which product(s), and how have they helped your sales?
For the past couple of years I have purchased many of the Design Aglow products. I can’t say enough about how they have helped me streamline my workflow and get back to what really matters. I’m particularly in love with the Modern Minimilist product line, the Design Aglow Paper Shop, and my latest purchase (which I haven’t yet had the chance to customize to suit my needs) The Big Picture Studio Planner. For my workspace, I specifically used various components of the Design Aglow Studio Workflow Assistant, including the computer desktop organizer image and the 24×30 studio whiteboard template. I even incorporated a quote that was recently in the Design Aglow Location Field Guide into the desktop organizer image.

Do you have a great space you would like to share with our community? We would love to hear from you and possibly peek into your world. Simply visit this link and we will guide you through the quick submission process.

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modern minimalist™ for animoto launches today


Inspired by our most popular Modern Minimalist™ Collection, Animoto’s newest style showcases your images in a beautiful slideshow while coordinating perfectly with your brand.

Animoto is an online and mobile video creation service for photographers that makes it easy (and fun!) to create and share extraordinary videos using your own  images, text, and even video… the options for included music are absolutely phenomenal!

Simply upload your images, and video if you desire, and add text and music and click the “Produce Video” button. Animoto’s cinematic technology then creates a beautifully orchestrated production within minutes. Share with clients, friends, and the world….it’s stunning marketing for your studio in a snap!

Click here to see the potential and start turning your own photos into rich videos powered by Design Aglow + Animoto. We think you will fall in love~

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color pop accessories are here!

color-pop-accessories-071514-01 color-pop-accessories-071514-02 color-pop-accessories-071514-03 color-pop-accessories-071514-04 color-pop-accessories-071514-05 color-pop-accessories-071514-06 color-pop-accessories-071514-07

Presentation is everything! You know that joyful look on your clients’ faces when you present them with their finished products? Take your packaging to the next level with stylish details in bright pops of color. Introducing our new line of Color Pop Packaging Accessories, featuring hip and lively gift tags, bookmarks and stickers – all totally customizable. These happy little treasures are the perfect complement to your brand… and your Design Aglow Paper Shop bags and boxes!

Make your packages shine by personalizing accessories for each client, or keep a stash of stickers on hand. Either way, the Color Pop design will enhance your colorful personality and delightful studio reputation. To tie it all together, check out The Design Aglow Paper Shop for all your packaging needs.

You can even upsell, or offer as an order incentive, these fun products to your clients as stickers, tags and bookmarks for unique gifts to family and friends. Or repurpose the templates for no-cost web, blog & social media promotions! Click here to get started today!

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